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John MacLean Foundation

The John Maclean Foundation provides supportive assistance to each and every child in Australia who uses a wheelchair due to disability.

Who we are

The John Maclean Foundation was established by John Maclean to provide supportive assistance to each and every child in Australia who uses a wheelchair due to some disabilities with regards to the mobility of such a child.

What is the vision of the John Maclean Foundation?

The vision of the John Maclean Foundation is to ensure that each and every child in Australia using a wheelchair is provided with the support services that will help to enhance the lives of such children.

What is the mission of the John Maclean Foundation?

The mission of the Foundation is to create an environment that is very motivational and inspires each and every child who uses a wheelchair to make the most out of their lives.

What are the values of the Foundation?

  1. To be a source of motivation for children using wheelchairs
  2. To be a source of inspiration to children who use wheelchairs

What is the main aim of the John Maclean Foundation?

The aim of this noble Foundation is to ensure that each and every child in Australia who as a result of a disability uses a wheelchair gets the chance to pursue whatever life career he or she wishes to pursue without being limited by his or her physical condition.

The John Maclean Foundation organises a number of events which it uses in raising funds that are then given as grants to children in Australia who have limited mobility due to a physical disability and therefore have resorted to using wheelchairs. These grants are given to the children and their families with the aim of helping to give such children the chance to also go after what they wish to be in life. It serves as a form of inspiration to the kids to strive to achieve their best regardless of their physical condition and this comes as no surprise due to the fact that the founder, John Maclean, is a recognised motivational speaker.

How you can get involved with the John Maclean Foundation?

The Foundation is a non profit making charity organization and as such receives most of its funds from the generosity of the Australian public which it uses in providing all the support services that it has been rendering to children who use wheelchairs. It has therefore laid down some ways through which the individuals in the communities can also get involved and provide vital funds which are always needed if such high quality support services are to be rendered to these children on a continuous basis. Some of these well designed ways include;

To fundraise for the Foundation

Under this way, there are two minor ways through which a person can help the Foundation and these are;

  1. To organise your own fundraising event in order to raise funds for the Foundation or
  2. To join an already existing group of individuals who have putting in place various activities with the sole objective of raising funds for the John Maclean Foundation

Whatever way an individual decides to use in raising funds for the Foundation are always accepted provided they fall within the two which have been listed by the Foundation.

Making of regular donations

These deals with entering into an agreement with the Foundation with regards to donations that you would want to make to help the cause of the Foundation. These donations are always deducted at the exact period that the person will indicate and he or she has the right to change the duration and amount as he or she deems fit. The various forms of regular donations include the weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Revenue gotten from all these regular donations is also used in providing vital support services to children who use wheelchairs in Australia.

Workplace donations

This is by far one of the easiest ways to contribute to what the John Maclean Foundation does as donations made here are always deducted at source and therefore the individual does not have any obligation to go and pay it him or herself. Such donations are always taken whenever employees in a particular business organization get their pay. It is therefore also known as the “Payday Donations” since it is only deducted when an employee receives his or her salary.

Supporting as a business organization

This refers to those companies and business organizations that have been touched by the plight of children who use wheelchairs and therefore wants to help the Foundation in supporting such children. This Foundation can either provide such a company with its own personally customized fundraising site or it can also use one of the already made sites. These sites are then used by the company to help in raising financial support for the John Maclean Foundation.

The Foundation is always grateful to people who decide to help these children and ensure that they get to live their dreams without being limited by their condition.

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