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Junction Australia

Junction Australia is an NGO that supports children, families, youth and other marginalised groups within southern Australia.

Junction Australia is an NGO that supports children, families, youth and other marginalised groups within southern Australia. It offers personalized help to minority individuals and groups helping them overcome the numerous challenges they face in modern day society by building on their strengths and reinforcing their self-esteem, in addition to giving them a voice and helping them to communicate their views to the society.

The History of Junction Australia

Junction Australia was originally founded as the Teenage Accommodation Service way back in 1979. As the name suggests, the corporation’s objective was to assist teenagers in imminent danger of homelessness by taking them in and helping them make positive life choices. Over the following 26 years we experienced positive growth and an ever growing responsibility to the society, culminating in its rebranding from the Teenage Accommodation Service to Southern Junction Community Services in 2005.

The rebranding went hand in hand with an expansion of their services provision from initially targeting disadvantaged and troubled teenagers when they began to focus their resources and energy to families in addition to the youth.

As of 2013, the Southern Junction Community Services changed names once again to be known as Junction Australia. Under the newly elected CEO, they also customized their aims to aid in the vision 2020, which is to be the foundation upon which marginalised groups across the whole of Australia transform their lives.

The Vision

The vision is increased inclusion of marginalised groups in community participation.

Junction Australia Values

  • Respect – The dignity of marginalised communities across the country, more often than not this may be the only thing they have left.
  • Trust – Only through mutual trust between the organisation and the clientele can they be able to make a positive transformation in the society.
  • Inclusion – All groups should have a say in society affairs, it recognises that diversity is a strength.
  • Integrity – Junction Australia firmly believes in the values it espouses and it therefore stands behind them always.

Purpose/Aims of Junction Australia

Junction Australia is determined to cater for the socio-economically challenged in the society through provision of information, support services and counselling.

Services Offered

Community and family centres

The centre was opened to the public in 2002 in Hackham. It is a place where families and individuals in the community can meet and interact with each other through a variety of activities held at the centre, this include:

  • Play activities for children
  • Emotional counselling for young people
  • Cooking classes and groups

Southern practice centre

This centre helps place individuals that Junction Australia works with in social work opportunities so as to help them find a purpose in society.

Family, children and youth services

Junction Australia provides help to youths facing a number of challenges such as sexual abuse, drug abuse and parent-adolescent services.

Domestic violence services

Junction Australia provides counselling and alternative accommodation to victims of domestic violence.

Getting Involved

At Junction Australia there are numerous ways in which member of the community can get involved in the cause. They encourage volunteers to share their time and energy in this worthwhile cause. When you volunteer with them, you also receive informative training in select service provision areas such as Child Safe Provisions.

If you do not have the time to spare volunteering with them, then you are welcome to sponsor Junction Australia as one of their many corporate sponsors or to partake in the fundraising events they hold throughout the year.

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