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Kids Cancer Support Group Perth

A non-profit organisation dedicated to enriching and supporting the lives of the many children who have been diagnosed to be living with cancer.

Kids Cancer Support Group, in short known as KCSG-Perth is a non-profit organisation dedicated to enriching and supporting the lives of the many children who have been diagnosed to be living with cancer and several other types’ blood disorders. These are the kids who are in the Princess Margaret Hospital Ward 3B Total Care Unit in Subiaco Western Australia (WA). In the support accorded, the kid’s entire family is included.

The Support Group History

The Support Group was founded by a group of parents who had kids diagnosed to be having cancer and members of staff working at the Perth Princess Margaret Hospital in 1983. It was going by the original name of “The Life Family Support Group of Children with Cancer and Leukaemia”. The goal being to be meeting the identified support needs of each other during the stressful and frequently traumatic journey with cancer.

Since the time of its formation, KCSG has gone on to form a closely knit relationship with the medical profession and several external networks.

The Objectives

  • Improving the lives of children (and their families) that have been diagnosed as having cancer and leukaemia or any other blood disorders.
  • Improving their conditions, the quality of care and treatment facilities.
  • Providing information on cancers issues.
  • Providing family social activities.
  • Addressing the challenging issues of those siblings who are affected by the illness of their brothers/sisters.
  • Support the affected parents and the kid’s grandparents.
  • Purchasing needed medical equipment at Ward 3B not available through normal resources of the hospital.
  • Purchasing general equipment needed by the children themselves on Ward 3B.

The Kids Cancer Support Group Activities

Among the activities include:

  • The acquisition of computer games, DVD’s, craft and educational material which go towards assisting in the entertainment and rehabilitation of the kids who are being attended to in the PMH Ward.
  • Producing a quarterly newsletter.
  • Addressing the complex issues of the other siblings who despite not having cancer themselves, are seriously affected and traumatized greatly during and even after illness of their siblings. One important method how KCSG caters for the affected siblings is by funding a camp –for them. Camp Onwards are useful towards addressing the feelings and fears through fun and plan activities including group discussions.
  • Offering what is called the monthly morning tea. This is where the parents are able to come together in an atmosphere that is totally relaxed.
  • Organizing social activities for the affected families, while taking into consideration the constraints of the children who are on treatment.

KCSG continues identifying and addressing the many needs towards improving the outcomes and environment for the kids in Ward 3B and their families.

Helping Kids Cancer

The Support Group does not get official government aid and is fully self-funded. It’s totally dependent on the generous and kind hearted donations and support that is coming from the community. You could help through:

  • Making a donation
  • Fundraise
  • In lieu of Gift
  • Giving in memory
  • Wills and Bequests

All the funds which are collected from the generous individual and corporate donations plus those raised by KCSG fundraising efforts go directly towards making a positive difference into those lives of the kids receiving treatment at Princess Margaret Hospital in ward 3B Total Care Unit.

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