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Kids of MacArthur Health

The Kids of MacArthur Health Foundation was formed to further enhance the treatment and support services that are rendered to little children.

About us

The Kids of MacArthur Health Foundation was formed to further enhance the treatment and support services that are rendered to little children. This is a Foundation that thrives mainly on raising financial resources that are used mostly in the purchasing of very essential paediatric machines that makes it possible for kids to be well taken care of with regards to their health.

What is the vision of the Foundation?

The vision of this Foundation is to make sure that the services that are rendered to kids in relation to their health are improved within the region of MacArthur.

This is a Foundation that has helped to create a community that is self sufficient by eliminating the essence of guardians having to take their children to other places just to seek for medical treatment for their kids. This means that those specialist health care services that were at first not available in the community of MacArthur are now made available and also more enhanced thereby helping to do away with those situations where parents had to be bothered about how to get their children to other places just to receive special medical care and attention.

Our aim

It is the aim of the Kids of MacArthur Health Foundation to help improve the quality of services provided for all children within the MacArthur community in order to ensure that these children will have the chance of living a life that is free from all health related problems. This helps us to create a future for these children that are very bright, safe, sound and secured.

Our activities from the time that the Foundation was first established up to date have always been to help in the creation of a MacArthur community that has the adequate paediatric equipments that are needed to cater for the healthcare needs of all children in the community.

How to help

The Kids of MacArthur Health Foundation receives the majority of its operating resources from the generosity and benevolence of the MacArthur community which comprises of governmental institutions, the corporate organisations, individuals who are willing to donate either their time or money and the businesses within the community. As a result, the Foundation has therefore set up various ways through which each of these people or group of people can contribute to the running of the Foundation and some of these ways include;


This is a way created by the Foundation that allows both individuals and the corporate institutions alike to make certain donations to help in catering for the needs of the children in the community. Under the donations, there are numerous ways through which a donation can be made to the Foundation and some of them are;

  • The giving of gifts
  • The giving of monthly donations
  • Making donations on the basis of every three months
  • Making donations once every year
  • Making a one-time donation

These are the various ways through which an individual or organisation can make a donation to the Foundation to help it continue with the services that it renders to the children of MacArthur.


The community of MacArthur is also given the chance to partner the Foundation so that the goals of both the Foundation and that particular organisation will be adequately met. Going into a partnership means that the Foundation will be provided with various resources that help in providing improved medical equipments for the children and the name of the organisation and whatever it does will also be broadcasted by the Foundation to the general public in order to drive consumers to the goods and/or services that they provide.


This refers to those organisations that are willing to help the Foundation in any way possible without expecting any kind of remuneration in return. These are the institutions that give financial and material resources to the Foundation so that they will be able to provide the necessary equipments needed in caring for the children of the MacArthur region.


It is also a way that has helped the Foundation immensely as a lot of people within MacArthur can volunteer to perform various tasks for the Foundation in order to either raise money or to render a service for a child without asking for any form of payment. The chance is therefore provided for the MacArthur community to also get actively involved in the things that the Foundation does in helping to secure a very bright future for the children in the community.

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