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Kids Plus Foundation

A parent driven organisation that provides paediatric intensive therapy programs for children with neurophysical disabilities.

Who we are

The Kids Plus Foundation was established in the year 2003 when it was realised that there were a number of shortfalls in the services that were then being provided to children with various degrees of neurological disorders. It is therefore as a result of these inadequacies that the members with the Geelong community along with certain professionals decided to establish a Foundation that will help bridge all those gaps which existed in the provision of supportive services for people with neurological problems or disabilities.

Our vision

It is the vision of the Kids Plus Foundation to see to it that each and every child who is suffering from any neurological disorders and their families are provided with better supportive services that will help to ensure that they are given the chance to enjoy life just as their colleagues without such disorders.

Our values

  • Equality among all patients
  • Empathy
  • Inclusive society

These are the main things that the Kids Plus Foundation values as it is through these ways that major breakthroughs can be made with the provision of supportive services to people with neurological problems.

Our mission

It is the mission of the Kids Plus Foundation to see to it that a society that provides the supportive services for individuals with neurological disorders in an adequate way is created.

It is also the mission of the Foundation to make sure that individuals with such disorders like cerebral palsy and stroke are better integrated into the society in order to make their lives very engaging and entertaining.

Services rendered by the Kids Plus Foundation

The Foundation renders the following services to each and every individual who has any neurological disorder with special emphasis on cerebral palsy, stroke and any form of injury suffered by the brain. Some of these services include;

Therapeutic programs

This involves the provision of a variety of therapies for those kids who are diagnosed with any of the disorders mentioned above. These therapeutic programs include;

  1. Therapies with regards to the occupation of an individual or a career path that he or she wishes to take
  2. Therapies relating to the speech of an individual

A therapeutic program that is mainly made for those little kids who are under the age of two (2) years.

These are the various therapy programs that the Foundation provides for each and every child who has been identified with any form of neurological disability.

The provision of professional therapists

This service relates to the therapeutic services that are provided by the Foundation. Each and every individual therapist that works within the Foundation has all the necessary skills, knowledge and experience that are required before being allowed to handle such children.

The provision of funding for the undertaking of researches:

The Kids Plus Foundation also provides various resources that are needed by institutions who are mainly concerned with carrying out researches into all the neurological problems that are faced by children. This is due to the fact that previous researches have proven that when these neurological disorders are identified quickly there is a higher probability of preventing it becoming worse.

The provision of services relating to the National Disability Insurance Scheme

The Kids Plus Foundation is also one of the very few organisations that render services relating to the NDIS. This means that other services like the therapies which are provided to patients are made affordable due to the fact that part of the bill gets paid for by the NDIA. This service therefore makes it possible for people to access the other vital services without being bothered about having to pay any huge price.

The Kids Plus Foundation renders these services to each and every child who is diagnosed with any type of neurological disability and his or her family.

In what ways can you also help the Kids Plus Foundation?

The Kids Plus Foundation is a charity organisation and as such does not look to make any profit from the services that it renders to people. It therefore requires the generosity of the general public in order to keep on with what it has been doing for such a very long time now. This is why it has made certain avenues available for the general public to also offer their support to the Foundation. These avenues include;

  • The making of donations to the Foundation: This involves the giving of financial assistance to the Foundation in the form of a gift by people within the community. These donations can be either made towards any of the events or campaigns that the Foundation organises from time to time or it can be made directly into the coffers of the Foundation.
  • Participate in any of the events that the Foundation organises: This involves the active participation of the general public in all the events that the Foundation organises like the Kids Plus Race Day.

These are the ways through which you can also support the Foundation to keep on supporting children with neurological disorders.

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