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Kidsafe Western Australia

Kidsafe WA is the lead non government, not for profit, charitable organisation dedicated to the prevention of unintentional childhood injuries.

Who we are

This is an association that was first established in the year 1970 and it was referred to as The Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia. It was in existence from that time onwards and in the year 1980, a branch of this Foundation was formed in Western Australia. This branch was however officially renamed as the Kidsafe Western Australia in the year 1993 and that is what it is presently called. The Kidsafe Western Australia is a Foundation that does not seek to make any profit from the services that it renders to the community and as such has also tasked itself with providing a number of services that help to minimise the incidence of life-threatening injuries to children who are below the age of 15 years.

Researches carried out in Australia alone indicate that the number of children who die as a result of various accidental injuries on a yearly basis was more than 300 and that a further 60,000 of these children are admitted into the various hospitals throughout Australia. This is the main motive for the formation of the Kidsafe Western Australia.

Our vision

The vision of Kidsafe Western Australia is to see to it that an environment that ensures the safety of children is created.

Our mission

The mission of the Foundation is to become a leader in the fight against various accidental injuries that children suffer as a result of the children trying to survive in a world which has been created with only the adult in mind.

Our values

  • To be concerned for the safety of each and every child
  • To advocate for preventive measures to be put in place
  • Initiate safety practices that are proven beyond reasonable doubt
  • To ensure that human life is valued by each and every person

The purpose of the Kidsafe Western Australia Foundation

It is to see to it that the various accidental injuries which put the lives of children at risk are curbed properly.

The Kidsafe Western Australia has been providing a number of high quality services to ensure that children under the age of 15 years are protected from any type of injury which can be classified as accidental.

Services provided by the Kidsafe Western Australia Foundation

The services that the Kidsafe Western Australia Foundation provides for children below the age of 15 years are numerous and as such they have been placed into five (5) main groups. These include the following;

Services relating to the child being safe at home

This deals with the provision of a variety of programs that are all aimed at ensuring that the child lives safely at home. It has been found out that most of the injuries that children do suffer happen during those times that they are at home. These programs are therefore provided to parents in order to help bring down the number of accidents that occur in the various homes which involves children below the age of 15 years.

Services relating to the child being safe at school

These are programs that are specifically provided to the teaching and non-teaching staff within an educational institution. Such services are rendered to them in order to equip them with all the necessary things that they need to know with regards to ensuring that the children remain safe throughout the whole duration that they will be in their care especially during those times that they embark on certain educational trips. This is also due to the fact that on the scale of areas where accidents mostly happen to children, the school ranks just below the home.

Services relating to the child being safe when on the playground

Through the provision of the Kidsafe Western Australia Playground Advisory Services, a number of ways through which the safety of children can be ensured when they are on the playground are provided to carers to help minimise the incidence of accidental injuries to the children.

Services relating to the child being safe when using the road

This involves the provision of services that are geared towards ensuring the safety of children when they are on the roads which also includes those times that they are in a vehicle.

The Kidsafe Western Australia Foundation also undertakes various researches into the causes and prevention of accidental injuries to children and this helps to provide services that are realistic to the problem at hand.

These are the five (5) main groups of services that the Kidsafe Western Australia Foundation provides to ensure that various accidental injuries which happen to children below 15 years of age are prevented.

Ways to support the Kidsafe Western Australia Foundation

There are basically two main ways and these are;

  • Donating to the Foundation
  • Sponsoring of any of the services that the Foundation provides

Help us so that the safety of children below 15 years with regards to accidental injuries can be prevented.

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