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Providing support for children who suffer traumatic experiences in their childhood stages along with their families.

Who we are

KidsXpress Ltd is a charity organisation that was formed by Margo Ward in the year 2006 after having been exposed to the various situations involving children who have had unresolved traumatic experiences in their lives and those who had the opportunity of getting such experiences fixed properly. Margo Ward realised that those kids who were left on their own with their experiences not properly handled always ended up developing certain unacceptable behaviours whilst those who got provided with the appropriate support services became responsible adults.

What is the mission of the KidsXpress Ltd?

The mission of KidsXpress Ltd is to see to it that children who suffer traumatic experiences in their childhood stages along with their families are provided with the best support in order to ensure they become emotionally stable to realise their dreams.

What is the vision of the KidsXpress Ltd?

It is the vision of the KidsXpress Ltd to see to it that the lives of traumatised children are transformed through the provision of quality support services.

What are the values of the KidsXpress Ltd?

A unified community involved in supporting those kids who have had traumatic experiences

  1. Being understanding
  2. Showing greater love, care and concern to all
  3. Inclusive community development

What are the services provided by the KidsXpress Ltd?

The KidsXpress Ltd provides certain unique services that are aimed at emotionally stabilizing children who have been traumatised. These services include the following;

The provision of well designed programs that are aimed at helping to eliminate the negative emotional impacts associated with an experience that a child has had in life. This program involves a variety of therapy sessions over a period of 10 weeks.

The provision of therapeutic services

This involves the provision of appropriate therapy services in four major areas aimed at helping to correct the psychological blow that might have been left on the child due to what he or she has experienced. The four major areas are;

  • Art
  • Drama
  • Play
  • Music

The provision of the Trauma Intervention services

These are essential services that are provided to children together with their families in order to ensure that they are not exposed to any traumatic experiences that might bring about untold negative effects on their lives when they become adults.

The provision of the creative arts services

These services are rendered to help children who have been traumatised develop their creative skills and potentials which will go a long way in helping to divert their minds from that unsavoury experience.

What are the ways that you can help the KidsXpress Ltd?

There are a number of distinct ways through which the public can also get involved with what KidsXpress Ltd does and they include;

  • Become an employee of the KidsXpress Ltd
  • Organise fundraising events on your own and raise funds for the KidsXpress Ltd
  • Get involved with any of the fundraising events that are organised by the KidsXpress Ltd
  • Volunteer for the KidsXpress Ltd
  • Make a donation to the KidsXpress Ltd
  • Become a corporate sponsor

These ways can be used by individuals, business entities and educational institutions in the communities.

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