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Koorana Child and Family Services

A non-profit charity organization owned by the community with a focus to provide early childhood education, intervention and family support.

Koorana Child and Family Services Inc. is a non-profit charity organization owned by the community with a focus to provide early childhood education, intervention and family support to people of different cultural backgrounds. It looks after the individual needs of the families and provides additional care and professional support and services to children who need special attention. It believes that every child has the right to enjoy life to the maximum and access the opportunities available to others. The idea behind the effort is to provide the families with the opportunities to face life’s challenges and reach their full potential by exploring their abilities to the best.


The mission of the organization is to ensure a child’s learning and social development and to strengthen families to fulfill their roles effectively.


Koorana Child and Family Services is committed to deliver holistic, family centric services, early childhood intervention and family support programs. It offers a wide range of professional support services to the people. It believes that all children have the right to live a life of their dreams and explore their potential to the full. The organization has an aim to provide services according to the needs and priorities of the individual and families. It enables families to define their roles in the community and provides them relevant information and supportive connections. It helps to increase the knowledge and awareness about family roles, parent training and childhood considerations.


The organization started as a Center in 1976 by a group of local women. This center was designed as place to provide playgroup activities to children to support preschool children and their families. In 1989 it was named as Koorana Child and Family Center Inc. it continues to widen its scope and area of expertise and expanded its range of services and programs. Today the organization has 14 supported playgroups, 2 preschools and 4 park and play bus locations throughout Canterbury, the Inner West and Bankstown in Australia.

Services Offered

Children’s Services

The organization provides early childhood education, childhood intervention programs, home-based early learning, preschool preparation etc. It supports children with disability or autism and addresses their concerns to fulfill the strength and need of every child.

Family Services

It Offers Parent/Carer Support Programs, Playgroups, Sibling Support and early diagnosis support to families. It provides these services through a variety of onsite and offsite facilities. It works in partnership with the families to identify their goals and help them achieve their vision and dream. Its purpose is to equip the families with adequate knowledge and education to stand up in the society and support their families.

Therapy Services

The Organization provides a wide range of therapy services that include speech pathology, psychology and occupational therapy. The purpose is to develop functional skills in the child that enables him to participate in educational and community setting. It also trains and guides the parents by providing them practical suggestions to carry out therapy activities at home. This allows the child to compete in everyday activities and develop social and educational skills for long term benefit.

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