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KU Starting Points

KU Starting Points is a program of educational support targeting kids between ages 0 and 6 having a developmental delay or disability plus their families.

KU Starting Points is basically a program of educational support targeting kids between ages 0 and 6 having a developmental delay or disability plus their families. The support program is located in Sydney in the Macarthur area. KU Starting Points Macarthur is among one of the most reputable and highly respected providers of child care in Australia as well as a leading light on matters that touch on care and education of young children.

The KU program is essentially family centered and purposes to fulfill the individual family needs as identified by the families themselves. The program being implemented comprises home visits, father's nights, speech pathology, early intervention preschool, integrated play groups, behavioural management strategies, autism specific program, psychological services and holiday programs.

The History since 1895

The basis of the movement started in the late 1800s. During that period, there was huge concern regarding the many very young kids who were at that time living in pathetic conditions with their families, often neglected and having access to fitting education.

A meeting was held in August 1895 by kindergarten enthusiasts and those who were present turned themselves into what became the Kindergarten Union provisional committee led by the recognized educator and feminist Maybanke Anderson.

KU Starting Points Goals

  • Setting forth positive kindergarten principles
  • Endeavoring to introduce the same principles to become of every NSW school
  • Open Free of charge Kindergartens across NSW wherever that is possible

The KU Philosophy

KU Starting Points Macarthur philosophy is grounded on offering a play-based program that is fashioned for boosting young children’s development. The KU program is offering opportunities for the kids and parents to come together and have chats with other similar families, share knowledge and experiences within a friendly and safe environment.

Experienced and Qualified Staff

Since setting up the very first early college handling childhood teacher training in Australia during the early years of the 1900s, KU has continued on building a reputable that is enviable for its highly dedicated, qualified and experienced staff.

KU is currently employing in excess of 2500 specialists in early childhood who are working in some 150 plus centres across Australia dealing with early childhood, hence enriching the lives of children in their thousands.

Quality Child Programs

The programs being offered by KU are serving in excess of 14,000 children and over 12,500 families across Australia.

All the programs implemented by KU are based on the latest practice and research in early childhood education. KU Starting Points Macarthur believe that under normal circumstances, children best learn when they get encouraged and supported by their own family as well as the broader community.

Funding Sources

KU is non-profit and they are proudly community based. Being a non-profit, it makes no profit from the fees it charges for services but rather, whatever surplus they receive gets re-invested directly back to the services being provided, the development of facilities and staff. This allows priority to be accorded to early childhood services.

Even though KU Starting Points Macarthur receives some funding from the government, it mainly relies on its own fundraising initiatives to continue offering support to the needy families.

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