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The KYDS Foundation help provide vital support services free of charge to children who are 12 to 18 years old throughout the northern part of Sydney.

About us

The KYDS Foundation was formed in the year 2005 to help provide vital support services free of charge to children who are between the ages of 12 years and 18 years old throughout the whole of the northern part of Sydney. It is a Foundation that is mainly concerned with all the emotional, mental and physical tortures that such young children go through when they reach that particular point in the lives. There are a whole lot of situations which these children pass through at such periods and without the right and appropriate support services such children can lose their focus in life. When this happens, the children tend to become a burden unto themselves and the societies within which they live. It is therefore in a bid to eliminate such occurrences that the KYDS was formed to provide services that help such young children to overcome the various life challenges they face during that stage in their development.

What is the vision of the KYDS Foundation?

It is KYDS Foundation’s vision to help build a community where children are well catered for with regards to their mental wellbeing in order for them to be interested in making a positive impact in life.

What are the services provided by the KYDS?

The KYDS provides a number of essential services that have been placed under three (3) main categories and these are;

Services for the individual

These services include the provision of counselling services to young people with regards to various issues such as problems that involve their family, their school life and their personal being and the supportive counselling services that are provided to those children who do have some concerns about the behavioural patterns of their friends.

Services for the families

This deals with the provision of various therapy-based counselling sessions for family members with the view to helping create a very conducive environment which will ensure that children in the family get to grow and develop in a very holistic and appropriate way. Such services are aimed at strengthening the relationships between family members and to also see to it that the children are put on the right path to help secure their total development.

Services for the school and the community

This also refers to those well researched services that are provided to the educational institutions in a bid to help them cater in a more professional and appropriate way towards certain behavioural patterns of students like drug addiction and others behaviours that young people are likely to get addicted to. These services are provided through the organising of workshops both at the school and community level with the aim of providing proper ways through which educational instructors and community members can both help with the proper upbringing of a child by taking into consideration all the various developmental issues that children may be going through when they reach that period between 12 to 18 years.

These are the three main categories of services that the KYDS Foundation provides for the individual, the family and the school within the community in order to help with the holistic development of the child.

What does the service provided by KYDS cater for?

The various services provided by the KYDS cater for the general wellbeing and total development of each and every child throughout the whole of the northern part of Sydney. This includes the emotional, mental, social, physical and educational development of the child in the community.

The KYDS Foundation has been able to provide these very essential guidance and counselling services to the young people, their families and the schools that they attend free of charge due to the support that it gets from the following organizations;

  • UN Limited
  • Perpetual 8
  • The Novus Foundation
  • Thyne Reid Foundation
  • Like a boss media
  • North Sydney Council
  • Street Smart
  • Tarramurra and Lindfied Community Bank
  • Rotary International
  • Ku-rin-gai Council

These are the organizations that have seen to it that the KYDS Foundation keeps on providing guidance and counselling services to the young people all over Northern Sydney. With the support that these organizations provide for the KYDS Foundation, the Foundation has been able to also render its counselling services to each and every community member who might need it especially the young ones, free of charge.

KYDS Foundation seeks to make sure that those minor issues which bother young people during their formative years are well tackled in order to help them develop in a way that will be beneficial to themselves, their families and the communities that they live in.

How you can also help

The KYDS has also made provision for interested individuals within the communities to also contribute to what they have been doing from the year 2005 by making donations through the following ways;

  • Bank
  • VISA
  • MasterCard

Creating young people who are mentally fit and ready to reach the highest level in life is what KYDS seeks to achieve.

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