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Lasallian Foundation

The Lasallian Foundation was set up in 2004 to fund emergency relief and developmental projects in the Asia Pacific area and more lately in South Sudan.

The Lasallian Foundation was set up by the De La Salle Brothers in 2004 to fund emergency relief and developmental projects in the Asia-Pacific area and more lately in South Sudan. Over the passage of many years, the De La Salle Brothers as well as other dedicated lay partners have established and funded innovative projects throughout Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Cambodia, Pakistan and more recently in South Sudan.

The Foundation has been building on a long strong history of the unofficial support for projects started and managed by the Mission Fund set up by the De La Salle Brothers. The goal is to go on expanding on these activities well into the future.

The Foundation is a certified overseas aid foundation and has received a Deductible Gift Recipient status, implying that all donations above $2 become tax deductible in Australia.

The Lasallian Foundation Vision

Notwithstanding that we are living in an age of incredible progress and wealth, there are many children who are having little hope for their future owing to ignorance and poverty.

For in excess of 330 years the Vision of the De La Salle Brothers has remained committed towards reaching out to the very last, the most lost and even the least via education in accordance with the Lasallian time honored tradition. It is through this tradition that the continuous dedication towards supporting young people as well as their respective communities in bringing positive change to the many having little hope due to ignorance and poverty is being witnessed.

Operating together, the Foundation is creating hope for a better future for young people and children regardless of race, language, faith, gender, ethnicity, nationality, class/caste, opinion, physical ability, sexual orientation or political alliance.

The Mission

Children and young people in their millions across the globe are denied accessibility to the basic of human rights. The Foundation is working to make a difference that is sustainable through giving them the opening to realize their maximum potential and break the vicious cycle of poverty, which has continuously plagued their communities and individual for generations.

The Values

  • Being child–centred Foundation, the child and his/her basic needs are the top priority.
  • Child empowerment.
  • Accessibility to education by kids who have been denied this basic right.
  • An all-inclusive model that solely based on the child’s needs.
  • Building a united community working and making decisions together, whether locally or globally.
  • Taking risks through operating in several of the most challenging and difficult contexts where the greatest need are felt.
  • Dedication to harnessing individual and communal energy which expresses an intent towards the statement that children that are disempowered are ‘worthy of our lives’.
  • Recognizing and using of women as the vital change agents.
  • Reaching those persons who nobody else is going to reach out to.
  • Dedication to advocacy for many – challenging those systems that are disempowering young people and children.
  • Inviting supporters to directly look into the eyes of the children and be moved by their lack.

Lasallian Foundation Objectives

  • Supporting emergency relief and development projects primarily though not totally exclusively in the Asia-Pacific area concentrating on the most marginalised and poorest communities, and especially the children.
  • Advocating on behalf of such children and communities, especially in relation to children’s safety and rights.
  • Supporting people in the Developing Countries in situations of emergency like the ones triggered by earthquakes or any other types of natural disasters like conflict or famine.
  • Acting as a Relief Fund trustee.
  • Soliciting gifts and donations for the purpose of undertaking the Foundation’s objectives.
  • Encouraging and attracting legacies, bequests and all types of deferred gifts.
  • Capitalizing on the massive strengths in its education delivery already in place within the broad De La Salle networks.

Lasallian Foundation Operational Principles

  • The projects being run by the Foundation oppose discrimination and rights denial based on race, sex, ethnicity, class, nationality, religion, caste, opinion, age, physical ability, sexual orientation or political alliance. In the projects, partnerships, communications and marketing, the Lasallian Foundation fully respects the equality and dignity of the people being served.
  • The projects of Foundation aim to realize sustainable and lasting economic and social change within the communities being served addressing the root causes of discrimination and poverty. The project designs aspire to become inherently self sustaining beyond the period of the Foundation's funding in regards to resources.
  • All of the projects being run will be estimated and evaluated together with participation coming from the beneficiaries themselves including project staff. The Lasallian Foundation is adamant on the highest possible standards of in all the projects.
  • Empowering beneficiaries of the Foundation projects towards creating their own home solutions and maximizing their own resources through a viable process initiation and participation of the local people being served based on the people’s own identified needs and possible solutions.
  • The projects that by the Foundation will be audited for their environmental sensitivity and impact with the objective of positive environmental sustainability and impact.

The Work of Lasallian Foundation

The Lasallian Foundation, following in the tradition of founder John Baptist De La Salle, is convinced that education is among the most vital tools in the fight to combat poverty. Education offers knowledge, literacy and skills creating opportunities for young people and children and empowering them to have lives that are better.

The Lasallian Foundation gives support to development programs being implemented in communities that are impoverished. Programs get identified by the in-country Lasallian Partner organizations or the LPOs in conjunction with the local communities because they are in the best position identifying the local needs and the potential solutions.

Lasallian Foundation projects and programs include a broad variety of initiatives including:

  • WASH Programs
  • Good and basic nutrition particularly for the preschool aged kids
  • Comprehensive school education programs
  • Vocational training • Tuition centres
  • Agricultural developments • professional development and capacity building
  • Advocacy and community awareness

The Foundation focuses on programs and initiatives promoting the preservation of human dignity, human rights, and the creation of a better future for the disadvantaged and poor communities.

Ways of Donating

  • Regular Gift Giving
  • Workplace Giving
  • In Lieu of a Gift
  • Class Sponsorship Program
  • Bequesting • Endowment Program
  • ShareGift Other Ways of Supporting
  • Sponsorship • Regular giving
  • Workplace Giving • Bequesting
  • ShareGift • Endowment Program
  • In lieu of a Gift Giving
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