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Life Aid International

LAI is a non-profit organisation that is operating towards giving aid to developing countries across the world as well as their communities.

Life Aid International (LAI) was set up by an assemblage of community and business leaders in 2005 with a vision of combining and then massively expanding their growing interests in community and international development. LAI is a non-profit organisation that is operating towards giving aid to developing countries across the world as well as their communities in such areas as health, vocational training, education, and micro-enterprise. The activities of LAI are funded through the Life Aid International Fund.

Life Aid International History

Life Aid International (LAI) was founded in Townsville, Queensland in 2005 by a small sized group of community and business leaders. They were responding to the rapidly rising help requests in community based development projects being implemented in many developing nations across the globe.

From its days of formation, the Fund has seen its involvement growing that now cover a wide range of diverse global projects. The organization holds the belief that the strong and sustainable communities that are able to assume total control and charge of their own developmental futures would best be attained when they get meaningfully engaged in positive relationships.

By carrying out in-depth research into development opportunities and issues, the Fund is also in a more advantageous position of being able to effectively canvass for more financial support and to offer more realistic support for project management. This would also entail aspects such as making sure people in the communities get trained in complementary and other relevant skills.

The Vision of Life Aid International

Through its vision of building a community and impacting a nation, LAI is committed towards developing building various communities through providing education, the promoting the wellbeing and health, and reducing poverty through socio-micro and enterprise development.

The LAI Mission

Life Aid International has over the years remained committed towards transforming lives of those persons living in communities that are disadvantaged, with a particular emphasis being given to the children who are at-risk. This mission is to be fully realized by making available effective health and education services, as well as giving direct assistance to the growth and development of enterprises that are sustainable, hence enabling financial independence in the long term.

Life Aid International Values

Life Aid International (LAI):

  • Values people, not considering issues of gender, age or religious affiliation.
  • Is committed to persons who are living with disadvantages in terms of education, primary health care, nutrition, family planning, shelter, water and sanitation.
  • Remains a powerful voice for the oppressed and the disadvantaged in the community.
  • Achieves goals through maintaining effective partnerships in Australia and even abroad.

Life Aid International Fund respects the uniqueness, worth and dignity of every person and the volunteers celebrating the richness in diversity.

Getting Involved with Life Aid International Activities

Life Aid International invites you towards making lasting and life changing differences for many who are living in poverty through becoming a LIA Supporter. Whether an individual or even a huge corporate supporter, you have the capacity of contributing any amount you wish either as a one-off donation or on a regular basis. All donations made that are larger than $2 become tax deductible.

Life Aid International works in a joint partnership with an AusAID approved NGO called GDG that is involved in humanitarian projects.

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