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Life Education Australia

Life Education Australia (LEA) is a not-for-profit organization and a registered charity. LEA is operating in 6 Federated States as well as Territories.

Life Education Australia (LEA) is a not-for-profit organization and a registered charity. LEA is operating in 6 Federated States as well as Territories.

LEA’s primary schools programs that began in the year 1979 are provided by 120 full-time including part-time educators utilizing Life Education's national network of over 90 mobile plus static classrooms, which are complemented through direct delivery done in the school classrooms. In excess of 750,000 students do take part in this program every year.

Life Education Australia offers positive programs and initiatives which grow the knowledge and social skills needed for effective communication, negotiation, peer resistance, decision-making, and rebuff in drug-related circumstances.

Life Education promotes respect for each individual’s uniqueness, and is teaching the skills to be able to assert self-confidently that individualism, particularly in social settings while with friends.

LEA aims, jointly with all schools and the larger community, to aid in reducing illegal drug use and tobacco use among the young generation; promote them to delay or avoid alcohol use; and decrease the harms linked with any usage of drugs. Life Education Australia is convinced that prevention is certainly better than cure!

Based on the newest research, Life Education's programs offer quality drug education that features social skills training; role-play; common myths correction; and diverse, quick-moving and very interactive activities that are facilitated by outstanding educators aided by the most up-to-date in multi-media technology.

The Life Education Australia Vision

Since LEA started in excess of 35 years ago, a lot has changed but the vision has remained as strong, being a driving force like always:

Generations of well young Australian’s who are living to their maximum potential.

Life Education truly believes that all kids as well as young people deserves to be leading healthy and safe lives – currently as well as into their future

Preventable chronic ailments such as strokes, cancers, cardiovascular disease and respiratory conditions are now accounting for 85 per cent of the entire total disease burden in Australia – and 90 per cent of all the deaths. Deaths and hospitalizations related to the usage of alcohol and several other drugs are also quite high amongst the younger people, not merely from immediate drugs poisoning but as well as from the resultant risky behaviours – suicide, assault and road traffic accidents.

The LEA Work

Life Education is working with preschool plus school partners in delivering an essential, age suitable and curriculum-based supportive program that empower children and the young people towards making healthy and safe lifestyle choices.

We have to address the risks associated with smoking, poor nutrition, physical inactivity, and damaging usage of alcohol and drugs through education.

Taking in to consideration the complex mix up of factors influencing how young people and children behave, LEA program assists students by:

Creating their awareness and appreciation of the connection between the choices made and short and even longer term consequences. Aiding in valuing own health and safety plus that of others. Growing developing which could pre-dispose them towards making healthier and safer choices and, To identify strategies and grow skills and confidence which could assist them in dealing with peer including community pressure and to make healthier and safer choices.

The above mentioned attributes are at times described as being ‘predisposing factors’ that could influence the way individuals behave. Research has shown that well fashioned school based programs could play a vital role towards helping in strengthening those predisposing factors which lead young people and children to make healthier and safer choices - which they have to do if they are going to avoid those ailments linked with unhealthy behaviours plus the harms related with risky behaviours.The Life Education program, comprising of fifteen (15) discrete modules, is covering issues such as:

  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Healthy eating
  • Personal safety
  • Physical activity
  • Medicines
  • Caffeine
  • Cyber-safety, and
  • Bullying

Life Education Australia (LEA) program sees them working in many schools and also in face to face situations with classroom groups. The sessions get delivered by specifically trained and qualified educators, and are truly fun, hands-on and very collaborative. The sessions may be delivered in LEA’s specially outfitted mobile learning centres that aid in making the learning experience even more stimulating and memorable.

Life Education supports the class teacher through the provision of complementary resources such as lesson plans, curriculum links, interactive activities and useful background information for usage leading up to the LEA visit, and even afterwards.

Carers and parents could also attend free sessions on information when the LEA team is at the school as these are great forums that increase knowledge, enhance sharing of views with many other visiting parents, and in developing strategies to aid in raising healthy and happy children.

Life Education’s much-loved and iconic mascot, popularly known as Healthy Harold the giraffe, is widely known for getting involved in the actual delivery of LEA’s messages to numerous preschool as well as primary school children. Harold has quite a powerful reputation with the kids!

Life Education at Home

Towards raising happy and healthy children Life Education Australia believes in the creation of a solid, 3-way relationship among the LEA specially trained educators, the school class teachers as well as the child’s home.

This is the reason LEA has built their new hub for parents, a highly engaging activity centre of activity that is interactive and dynamic. Besides being packed with handy kid’s information it involves the parents in the activities involving their kids that directly in relation to the LEA program. This is creating new opportunities for family bonding.

Getting Involved

Through getting involved with LEA, you are assisting in reaching even more children. Helping makes a difference in the lives of additional individuals plus to the larger community.

Your support to the work will mean that, in time, many generations of healthy, young people in Australian will have the ability to become the best people they possibly ever become.

For the future of Australia, this is the time for getting involved. Show the kids children that you do care. Together, we could all the Australian kids to live happy and healthy lives by:

  • Volunteering
  • Regular Giving
  • Workplace giving
  • Community Fundraising
  • Bequests
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Taking part in the “Ocsober” initiative
  • Undertaking a personal challenge
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