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Lifes Little Treasures Foundation

Lifes Little Treasures Foundation Improving the lives of premature and sick babies.

Families that have prematurely born babies need information that is especially tailored for them. The Life’s Little Treasures Foundation is dedicated to providing that specific information, support and friendship to families and children that are suffering with ailments related to premature birth. The services are available when the baby is born (inside hospitals and care units for neonatal babies) and afterwards at home. It continues to supply information, counselling and support even after the babies are better and thriving.

Empathy is something that even the most sensitive people would sometimes lack. In order to understand what the other is going through, one has to step into their shoes. That should not make one want the same problems though, rather, those already in problems could do something of help for others. This is the idea behind the formation of this foundation which was founded by parents who had a sick baby due to premature birth. They were a community that looked forward to provide information to those who were facing the same kind of challenges. A sick or premature baby takes one over the emotional rollercoaster with conditions changing in a matter of minutes and seconds. Life’s Little Treasures surely treasures the little babies and the brave parents who face the ordeal. It provides assistance, support and advice that is needed by the families.


The foundation makes sure that all parents and families, that have an ailing or premature baby that can succumb to sickness, have access to the information that is needed. The vision includes having easy access to Android and iPhone apps that provide critical medical information as well as help parents keep track of their baby’s growth and development from a premature perspective.


Premature babies are sent from God like any other baby on earth. Whilst one can’t change what God wills, one can definitely find means to cope up with the will of nature and God. The mission of Life’s Little Treasures foundation is to ensure that there is no family in the country that has a prematurely born baby, but does not have access to critical information and resources that are needed to take care of such a delicate treasure. Provision of necessary information and community support at all times is the mission of this foundation.

Aims of the organization

  • Introduction of programs that provide necessary support to families that have babies born in a premature manner
  • Provision of information that is relevant, timely and accessible
  • Increase in community awareness
  • Continued assistance to parents after babies come home from hospitals


The Premature Resources section of the foundation’s website contains a list of all the resources that are being used to make the living of babies and parents easier and better. The foundation is currently being run by volunteers, most of which have premature babies of their own.

“A Guiding Hand to NICU & Special Care” , a folder for families should be accessible as part of the vision as much as the Tip Sheets, Reading Program, interactive webinars, newsletters, training seminars and community support programs. The newsletter is issued two times a year and the purpose of all these resources is one; timely and relevant information for the parents who are looking after a prematurely sick or healthy baby that is less immune as compared to normal births. There are community support programs and play groups called “Treasure Time” both for the parents and kids because neither can get involved socially like other families with normal children. The 24 hour support line MYPREMMIE can be reached at 1300 besides other awareness programs like walks, seminars and training and counselling sessions. Throughout Australia, the Family Assistance Programs provide both financial and material help to families that have sick babies in the hospital and even those who are back to home. Moreover, it is important to keep families up to date regarding any research and development that is taking place in the world regarding the care and development of prematurely born babies. This too is part of the explicit vision of the Life’s Little Treasures Foundation.

Support Programs

Playgroups/Teatime with Parents

At these support programs, parents with premature babies get together with other families over a cup of coffee and share their experiences with each other. It is important that the premmie is vaccinated for the age and is well in terms of health. Unwellness will not only make a baby susceptible to infections but would also cause a great level of anxiety to other mothers in the group. Children that are born in this condition are venerable even in their healthiest state. The programs are free of cost and the venue details, cancellation, directions and contact have all been shared on the website.

Parent Support

They say that friendship is born when one realizes that someone else has the same issue as us. Also “a problem shared is a problem halved” so sharing your problems with someone who has experienced the same kind of issues is likely to ease down the person a bit. Also first-hand experiences are good as one can easily relate to them and apply them on one’s own family.


Premature Baby Journal App

This app has been developed by the foundation itself and it helps parents with premature babies keep track of their little treasure’s development and growth. It can be used by parents all over the world.

NICU Words App

This app helps the parents and carers learn about hospital terminology that is unknown to them but necessary because of the little treasure that they have to care for. It has over 170 terms with precise explanations, meanings and associated medical machinery. If parents are going through an NICU/SCN journey then this app is bound to be helpful.

Get Involved

Anyone can get involved with the organization’s activities and help them achieve their goals. A person can volunteer at an event being organized by the foundation. Buying merchandise, fundraising or making a donation is also going to help. No matter what you do to help; you know that it will ultimately benefit people with premature babies.

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