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Livewire is a fun online community where seriously ill or hospitalized children, along with their parents and carers, can connect and share with each other.

This is an online community which was formed in conjunction with Starlight Children’s Foundation which was formed in the year 1988. This community was formed to create an environment for kids who are suffering from any of the serious sicknesses around so that they can connect with similar people elsewhere who are also suffering from similar conditions as this will help them to share their experiences and also uplift the emotional and psychological abilities of each other. It was mainly formed to ensure that such kids who are going through those trying conditions will get others with the same problems and console each other with what their doctors and carers keep telling them. This helps to reduce the amount of pressure that are always placed on such kids when they are left alone without having anyone to communicate with who will understand what he or she is passing through.

What are the benefits of joining livewire?

Livewire provides a lot of benefits to all of its members and some of these benefits include;

  • The ability to create your own page in order to post your statuses and other pieces of information that you wish to share with the members of the community.
  • The chance to have people who are in the same situation as you and chat with them throughout every passing day due to the fact that livewire provides you with a 24/7 chat system.
  • Members also get to create their own private groups and share their experiences with the members of that particular group which has been created.
  • Livewire also comes with an online media player which allows you to get the opportunity of viewing the current music clips right from your treatment centre.
  • Lastly, you also get the chance to go through all the interviews and posts which have been pasted by other people.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should join livewire.

Who can use livewire?

Livewire is a community that is suitable for three main groups of people and these are;

The members

These are those children who are in the teens. It is a way of helping them to find people with similar health conditions as themselves in order to share their experiences with. It is also made for the siblings of such kids with serious health conditions who can also link up with the siblings of another patient elsewhere and share their various ideas.


The livewire platform is also very suitable for parents with children who have a serious health condition as it allows the parents to also get online and link up with other parents who have similar health conditions with the kids. This allows the parents to have the opportunity of sharing ideas and their experiences which in one way or the other helps to relieve such parents from the stress associated with always being around the seriously ill child.

The charity organizations

Livewire is also very suitable for charity organizations. Such organizations which provide services to those who need them free of charge can also set up their own livewire platform and encourage their patients to make adequate use of such a system by communicating with people with conditions that are similar to what they are going through.

These are the three main groups of people that the livewire platform has been made for and they are those who can realise it maximum potentials.

The livewire in-hospital program

This is a program which is provided by a team of livewire specialists whose main objective is to ensure that the hospital environment is normalized in such a way that will help the children to acquire various skills and knowledge that will be imparted to them. It also allows the children to have the chance to meet others with similar conditions like theirs and interact with them.

The team of livewire specialists provides a number of essential services to the children and some of these services include;

  • The organising of workshops on art and craft
  • The organising of workshops on music
  • Undertaking of creative and multi-media writing tasks
  • Undertaking of culinary tasks • Organising of recreational events
  • Organising of visitations by various celebrities
  • Undertaking of various events with the members of the community among other equally important services

These are the major services that are provided to the children by the livewire team of facilitators to ensure that they also get to live a very normal life regardless of their health conditions.

Partners of livewire

Livewire has a number of partners who help with the rendering of all the various services to those kids who are seriously ill and these partners include;

  1. Thyne Reid Foundation
  2. Sitback
  3. The Children’s Hospital at Westmead
  4. NIB Foundation

These are the main partners of livewire who help with the provision of all our services to the kids.

There is also the avenue for other partners to come on board and help with what we have been doing for so many years now. Every member of the partnership gets to achieve its objectives.

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