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The Lyceum Group Foundation

Lyceum Group Foundation seeks to help with the purchasing of the appropriate and necessary equipments for all those with disabilities in the community.

Who we are

The Lyceum Group Foundation is a charity organisation that was formed in the year 2011. It was mainly formed to offer financial support to families so that they can cope with the expensive nature of catering for the needs of a member who has been diagnosed with any of the disability conditions like cerebral palsy. The Lyceum Group Foundation realised how difficult it was to acquire essential support services for individuals with disabilities especially procuring aid equipments. As a result of this, the Lyceum Group Foundation seeks to help with the purchasing of the appropriate and necessary equipments for all those with disabilities in the community.

What is our vision?

The vision is to make sure that each and every disabled individual in the Australian community gets provided with the necessary support equipment.

What is our mission?

Our mission is to help create an Australian community where people with disability are also made to reach their full potentials.

What we value

The Lyceum Group Foundation values the provision of equal opportunities for each and every individual regardless of his or her health conditions.

What are the services provided by the Lyceum Group Foundation?

The Lyceum Group Foundation provides a number of services which have been categorised under two broad groups. These are;

  • The provision of funding for people with disabilities
  • The provision of equipments for people with disabilities

Provision of funds

This deals with helping to provide financial aid to each and every individual who has any form of disability and is living in the Australian community. These funds are given so that certain vital services can be accessed by those with disabilities without any problems.

Provision of equipment

This deals with the purchasing of the appropriate aid equipments which are then given to each and every individual with a disability so that the impact of their condition can be lessened. People with disabilities, especially those who are physically disabled, find it very difficult to perform certain basic activities and as such these aid equipments are provided to them to ensure that they get the chance to perform such activities like moving from place to place independently without having to rely on others all the time.

How you can also get involved with the Lyceum Group Foundation and the work it does

The Lyceum Group Foundation has been providing supportive services to the disabled in the community free of charge and as such has created a number of ways through which the general public can also assist the Foundation to keep on supporting more individuals with disabilities in the community. These ways include;

  • Allow the Lyceum Group Mortgages to help you out when you are out to acquire a property.
  • Actively get involved in any of the exciting fundraising activities and events that are organised by the Lyceum Group Foundation on a periodic basis.
  • Seek for permission from the Lyceum Group Foundation so that you can also organise your own fundraising event to raise funds for the Foundation.
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