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Mackillop Family Services

MacKillop is a leading provider of services for children, young people and their families. Contact us about becoming a foster carer today

Who we are

The MacKillop Family Services is a Foundation that came into existence in the year 1997. It was formed by three main congregations namely the Sisters of Mercy, the Sisters of St Joseph and the Christian Brothers. Although these congregations had by then been together for over 132 years, it was not until the year 1997 that they formally established the MacKillop Family Services.

The MacKillop Family Services Foundation was mainly formed to provide accommodation services and other supportive services for children who had been rendered orphans or have been left on their own and also for women with children who needed such assistance.

The values of MacKillop Family Services

The MacKillop Family Services values the following;

  1. To seek for justice in all circumstances
  2. To provide hope for those who have lost theirs
  3. To collaborate with others in ensuring that the needs of these people are provided for
  4. To be compassionate to each and every individual
  5. To be respectful of every individual without looking at where the person is coming from

What are the services provided by the Foundation?

The Foundation provides the following services;

Educational Services

The MacKillop Family Services sees to it that appropriate educational assistance is given to each and every child who has been recognised as being prone to having his or her education cut short. It is also given to those who have already had their education cut short so that they can continue with where they stopped.

Out-of-Home Care Services

The MacKillop Family Services also has about three major Out-of-Home Care facilities which are used in providing various services like foster care, therapeutic foster care among others. These services are provided for children who have been recognised as living in areas or with people who have the tendency to either abuse them or neglect them. These services therefore provide such kids with accommodation and supportive services that allows them to develop in a more appropriate way than where they were before.

Family Services

The Foundation also has a number of centres that help with the provision of various services that are rendered to families of children who are either vulnerable or have been subjected to abusive actions. This service provides families with all that they need in order to stick together as one big loving family through the provision of services that guides them in the right things to do to ensure that the family is always happy.

Youth Services

The Foundation also provides supportive services that are provided to people between the ages of 16 years to 25 years. These services are rendered to cater for the specific needs of a particular individual.

Disability Management Services

The Foundation also sees to the acquisition of people who are well trained and have experience in the area of managing various disabilities of kids and some young individuals. The services that are rendered to these individuals who are disabled are all designed to ensure that they each get the desired results after receiving such treatment services. These services include the provision of services aimed helping the community to accept the uniqueness of such individuals and also services concerning the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

There are also other very important services that the MacKillop Family Services Foundation renders to disadvantaged, disabled, neglected children and mothers who are in need of such vital supportive systems.

How you can help the MacKillop Family Services

There are three major ways through which each and every individual can get involved with what the MacKillop Family Services has been doing and they are;

Donating to the Foundation

This involves the giving of monetary or material assistance to the society out of an individual’s generosity. There are a number of ways through which such donations can be made and they include;

Bequests: This is the giving of part of your properties to the MacKillop Family Services in one’s Will. The properties can then be given to the Foundation whenever the Will is read after the person has passed away.

Workplace Giving: This is the contributions that are made within a particular business organization which are then given to the Foundation at certain intervals.

Direct donations: This is the giving of either material or financial resources to the Foundation in order to help with what they have been doing.

Becoming a corporate sponsor

This is mainly for the corporate organizations who wish to do something to help the Foundation. Such corporate entities can therefore agree to sponsor some of the activities that the Foundation performs.

To become a member of the MacKillop Family Services

Membership is also available for those who wish to be actively involved with the Foundation. Such people are deducted monthly membership dues which are used to provide the various services that are rendered to the people.

Becoming a foster carer

There is also the opportunity for those who are interested in caring for some of the children to come and agree terms with the MacKillop Family Services in order to be given the chance to care for such children.


Individuals and businesses can also use this avenue to render services to the MacKillop Family Services without charging anything as payment for work done.

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