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Magical Getaway Foundation

MGF brings hope to children and families living in poverty by giving them a holiday. Places such as Queensland, Phillip Island and Mt Buller.

The vision of Magical Getaway Foundation (MGF) would be that all the children and their families in Australia who are living in poverty get the chance or opening to somehow alter for the better their situation of helplessness into one of hope.

In 2014, it was reported that 1 in 6 children and 1 in 7 Australians were living in poverty and not able to provide anything above the family basic necessities. These families never get any holidays. Such an item remains a ‘someday’ dream. The Magical Getaway Foundation (MGF) set up so that ‘someday’ may be changed into ‘now’.

MGF is now bringing hope to such financially disadvantaged children and families by arranging and giving them a much needed holiday. These MGF arranged and sponsored holidays are to venues and places that the majority of people generally just assume and take for granted, such as Lorne and Mt Buller, Phillip Island, the various theme parks in Queensland or Sovereign Hill. In return, MGF collects the stories of resilience, courage and determination for sharing with other families for inspiration.

The Magical Getaway Foundation Board

The Board of Magical Getaway Foundation is made up of a group of very successful business leaders and professionals who are willingly volunteering their own time towards the strategic direction and governance of the Foundation. The Board meets on a regular basis besides contributing to the various subcommittees of the Board and also volunteering their valuable ideas and time at the MGF’s holidays.

There is another group of equally professional and successful group of individuals known as Friends of the Board who tirelessly volunteer ideas and time towards assisting the MGF Board. They also contribute to the various Board subcommittees, assist with fundraising activities, and volunteer their time at the holidays.

The MGF Mission

Because holidays for most financially disadvantaged families remains a ‘someday’ chance event, Magical Getaway Foundation (MGF) is providing holidays for the kids and their families who are living in poverty, and to bring along some optimism for the future through the sharing their courage, determination and courage stories.

The Values of MGF

  1. Integrity: Magical Getaway Foundation advocates for the rights of children and families. This is done by establishing and continuously sustaining the relationships through honest and open conversations.
  2. Compassion: MGF treats others just like we ourselves would want to be treated. They are fully committed to meeting the huge challenge of the stigma that is associated with poverty.
  3. Respect: MGF acknowledge and appreciates individual as well as group differences, and treats all people equitably and fairly.

Getting Involved

When you get involved with the activities of Magical Getaway Foundation (MGF), you will be offering hope, which for certain will be making a huge a difference into the current miserable status of lots children, teens and their families who are literally living in abject poverty.

  • Volunteer
  • Donate
  • Give accommodation
  • Join Staff

The Magical Getaway Foundation is offering paid up holidays for the young children and their families that are living in abject poverty. In return, MGF is gathering their motivating stories of determination, courage and resilience and then sharing them with others for inspiration and a means of bringing some hope for a better future.

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