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Make-A-Wish Australia

Make-A-Wish Australia was established in the year 1985, and now, in its 30th year, has granted in excess of 8,000 wishes to children having life threatening medical conditions.

Make-A-Wish Australia was established in the year 1985, and now, in its 30th year, has granted in excess of 8,000 wishes to children having life threatening medical conditions. Make-A-Wish believes in the therapeutic power contained in a wish. The wishes give children who are seriously ill strength for facing the challenges brought by their illness, hope for their future, and joy gained from their unbelievable wish experiences.

The Make A Wish Australia Story

Make-A-Wish Australia started in 1985 granting wishes to children who had been diagnosed with life-threatening sicknesses. From that time, in excess of 8,000 wishes have been granted to kid who seriously sick in Australia.

The First Wish

All throughout his life, Christopher James Greicius had dreamt of being a police officer. This single wish was going to be the inspiration behind the largest wish-granting establishment globally.

At only age 5, Chris was diagnosed to be having leukaemia in 1977. On learning that Christopher's most cherished dream and wish was to become a policeman, the members of the Arizona State Troopers started working to make sure his dream would become a reality. They organized for Chris to take a ride in a police helicopter, get a ride inside a patrol car and then presented Chris with his very own police uniform. Chris was even sworn into the police force as an honorary member.

Chris sadly, shortly passed away afterwards. Except the WISH seed had already been planted.

Subsequent to attending the funeral of Chris, two of those State Troopers began to reflect on the experience learnt in making his dream become a reality. They reflected that if it became possible to grant a single boy's wish, perhaps the same may be achieved for other kids. The idea for Make-A-Wish was conceived at that moment.

Join Us

Make-A-Wish Australia desires to deliver as many wishes to as many kids having life-threatening sicknesses as they can yearly. There are many different methods you could assist. Whether it's through volunteering for us, donating money to help in paying for a child's wish journey, becoming a corporate partner or fundraising, it is possible. All of these diverse activities help Make-A-Wish enormously and they can't deliver those needed wishes without your help.

Making a Donation

For 30 years, Make-A-Wish Australia has continuously been granting the wishes of children having life-threatening conditions in Australia. Since inception more than 8,000 wishes have been granted. In order to continue to grant these life-affirming children wishes of the highest quality, urgent support is ever needed.

If today you were to make a one-time donation, you'd making incredible children wishes come true!

There are many fun ways of raising money towards making children wishes come true. No matter, how you decide to do it, Make-A-Wish will be with you each step to make it happen.

Are you aware that you could raise funds for Make-A-Wish as an element of your own next celebration? Irrespective of if it's a wedding, birthday, civil ceremony; celebrations make an excellent method of raising much-needed children wishes!

You also could fundraise for Make-A-Wish using the technique of in-memory of beloved one. Besides celebrating that person's life and giving a meaningful real tribute, you'll also be aiding in making a genuine difference in those lives of many seriously sick kids.

Volunteering with Make-A-Wish

Make-A-Wish welcomes willing volunteers from all manners of backgrounds, being aware of the varied abilities and skills they bring along.

Through volunteering you could acquire fresh skills, meet and make new friends, have great fun, all these whilst enjoying the feeling of reward that would come from making that singular difference and being aware that your help is assisting Make-A-Wish to reach its mission: granting the wishes of a child having life-threatening medical conditions so as to enrich the joyous human experience with joy, strength and hope.

Joining Volunteer Branches

Make-A-Wish has got 57 volunteer branches spread throughout the country. Every branch aids with the wishes granting, organizing fundraising activities and in promoting the work of Make-A-Wish within their local communities.

Privacy Policy

Make-A-Wish is strongly committed towards the protection of your privacy. They desire to offer a secure and safe environment and only collects necessary information for enabling provision of services, or when that is legally required.

Make-A-Wish maintains a Privacy Policy whose purpose is to inform the type of information gathered about you, how it is used and whether that gets disclosed it to anybody else. The Privacy Policy also explains how the information you supply is stored, and the manner in which you may correct or have access to it, as well as on how contact Make-A-Wish.

Make-A-Wish Australia want you to be effectively be able to interact with them, manage your privacy, and understand know how to raise any concerns or questions you might be having.

Protecting Information

Make-A-Wish Australia operates secure data networks that are designed for protecting your security and privacy and utilizes commercially sound administrative, physical and technical measures towards safeguarding information in their possession against theft, loss, and any unauthorized access, disclosure, misuse, modification, or interference.

M-A-W also takes practical steps to permanently de-identify or destroy information which is no longer required for its original goal purpose and where that is lawful.

Usage of Sensitive Information

In order to grant wishes to kid having life-threatening illnesses; Make-A-Wish may gather sensitive information regarding potential or confirmed beneficiaries which includes medical data. Make-A-Wish only collects information of this kind of data with the approval of the child's guardian or parent and for uses that are reasonably essential for its work. Sensitive information is handled in accordance with this clear Privacy Policy.

Work of Volunteers

Volunteers add to fulfilling the Make-A-Wish corporate mission in several ways:

  • Wish Granting: They visit children who are eligible to discover their wish and then generate fantastic wish presentations.
  • Promotion: They work diligently towards promoting Make-A-Wish within their local community through speaking to local media, various community service groups and or distributing useful information to those hospitals in their zone.
  • Fundraising: All volunteers are engaged in fundraising, which takes numerous shapes - from trivia nights to sausage sizzles, from movie nights to gala dinners. The volunteers are ever inventing imaginative and new ways of raising funds so as to grant many more wishes. In excess of 330 volunteer events get convened yearly and volunteer fundraising efforts on average contribute above $2 million per annum. The main theme for all fundraising activities is simply fun!

Every volunteer branch has got its volunteer management committee to run it. You could become a component of the committee to leadership team through taking on a position. Whatever is their individual commitment, small or big, each one of the volunteers is playing a singular part in assisting to grant additional wishes.

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