The Mater Prize Home Lottery raises funds for patient care and medical research. Mater Foundation and gives you the chance to win.

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A Ray Of Hope For Patients

Mater Foundation is the charitable organization of Mater Medical Research Institute and Mater Health Services. They raise funds in order to support their Clinical care, Education and Research. Their aim is providing prevention as well as treatment of diseases for people irrespective of their ages. It carries out several fundraising operations by means of home lottery, appealing to people via sending direct mails and organizing events. The organization mainly depends on individual, community and corporate donations and support to fulfill their mission of providing ultimate care from babies to elderly people.

How the organization works

Have a look on how Mater Foundation aims to fulfill their mission.

Mater Health Services

The organization opened its first hospital in the year 1906. With the help of its 8000 staffs and 'the Sisters of Mercy', Mater Foundation provided sympathetic care to the needy and sick people based on the following values:

  • Dignity
  • Care
  • Mercy
  • Commitment &
  • Quality

Today, the organization is successfully operating a complete chain of 7 hospitals - 4 out of which are private hospitals and 3 for the uninsured patients - that strive to work according to changing requirements of the community. Mater hospitals have received international acclamation for advancing in health care services worldwide and individually, the hospitals are being recognized for great contributions. These health services provide utmost care to over half million patients every year in the country.

What makes Matter Health Services unique? This might be something running on your minds. Here are some of the aspects the organization focuses on:

Clinical excellence

Mater Foundation uses the funds for development of latest methodologies, technicalities and practices to help patients get the best medical assistance. Their urge of advancements to discover, improve, adopt & adapt make them stay ahead in the field of health care services & medical science.

Live-saving equipments

With the help of accumulated funds, Mater Foundation buys contemporary life-saving equipments for Mater health services so that they deliver the excellent services to their patients along with their families.

Educating future health care providers

Their collected funds also are used in educating health care service providers of next generation.

Following Sisters of Mercy

The organization follows Sisters of Mercy in every aspect - right from its social innovation to several means of looking for creative solutions for unmet challenges of the community. They achieve this with a lot of agendas and services such as looking after health of refugees, offering maternity, supporting homeless people and additional services. So, not only they provide medical assistance from fundraising operations, but also look for new solutions for the needy people. Other than health services, Mater Foundation focuses on continual researches for bettering lives of patients from their fund raising activities.

Mater Research

Mater Research is recognized globally in the field of medical research. They aim to find out new solutions for prevention and treatment of health conditions affecting premature babies, infants, children, teenagers and oldies so that they can lead a healthy life.

It started operating in the year 1998 with only 10 staffs and then gradually expanded internationally as a competitive research institute. Beginning numerous original programs, the research institute has attracted world-class scientists from all over the world. It aspires to discover, widen, translate as well as commercialize in medical researches assimilating specific arenas of superiority joining hands with Mater Health Services.

Mater Research carries out excellent researches from the funds collected by Mater Foundation. They focus on different areas involving diabetes, cancer, heart diseases and leukemia, which are further categorized in 4 research themes:

Understanding and preventing disease

They strive to improve health by means of understanding the disease in depth. Despite of improvement in health care increasing life quality of patients from more than a century, several diseases still stand as a challenge to state-of-the-art health care services. Basic science and clinical researchers are looking forward to a better understanding of genetic, biological and environmental grounds of such diseases to develop effectual treatments for cancer, infectious, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. Also, they focus on preventative measures of the disease.

Improving treatment of disease

They offer better care via research activities. Scientists along with health care professionals are functioning jointly for improving patients' life quality suffering from wide array of disorders, injuries and diseases. They focus on customized medical assistance using advanced diagnostic technicalities and genomic age to optimize the result of patients individually.

Combining this idea with improvement in latest treatments, they determine the disease via various methods of clinical trials and also finding the best solutions for disease treatment. In addition, they try to maximize quality of life in patients suffering from injuries, growth disorders and diseases for which remedial treatments are yet not available.

Mothers and babies health

Pregnancy, birth of a child and few initial weeks are simply exciting for every family. Providing right health care services, they make sure of both mother and baby being healthy. Over 10,000 infants are born in Mater Mothers Hospital every year. Professionals at the clinic find out the best possible means to care for pregnant women and their babies as well.

During pregnancy, considerable health problems are being observed in women and also on unborn babies. Scientists and clinical researchers endeavor to progress the overall development of diagnosis as well as treatment of wide range of issues. Even they strive to optimize care for the newborns requiring special care and attention.

Healthy development

It is a must for babies to develop healthy in the womb to lead a good life. Health incidents affecting mothers at the time of pregnancy can challenge overall condition of babies. Clinical professionals are jointly researching on such links making newborns to avoid suffering from genetic disorders and diseases. They are also looking to develop innovative treatments to help such children.

Mater Foundation is using the collected funds to improve lives of patients and community in different ways. Mater Prize home lottery was setup in the year 1954 and had been the first Art Union real estate that operates in Queensland and has successfully grown in these years providing special care for thousand patients in the country. They held six home lotteries each year giving you chances to win attractive prizes just paying $2 for the ticket. However, you are also indirectly helping the Foundation to fulfill their mission.

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