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Mcauley Community Services For Women

McAuley Community Services for Women provides much needed services for women and their children who are escaping family violence.

About us

This is a service that is rendered by the Institute of Sisters of Mercy Australia and Papua New Guinea in partnership with the Mercy Care presently called the McAuley Care and Regina Coeli which is now referred to as the Mercy House. This service was initiated in the year 2008 to see to it that women who were found out to be vulnerable and susceptible to various forms of atrocities in the communities within which they live were provided with safer, more secure places where they could go about their daily lives in a very normal way.

The vision of McAuley Community Services for Women

It is the vision of the McAuley Community Services for Women to see to it that a community that ensures the safety of women and helps them to realise their full potential is created.

The mission of the McAuley Community Services for Women

Its mission is to ensure that each and every woman with her family who are disadvantaged is provided with all the necessary resources that they need in order to live comfortably in the community.

The values of the McAuley Community Services for Women

  • To be hospitable
  • To be compassionate
  • To be just
  • To create and inclusive society for all

It is very disheartening to come to the realisation that there are a lot of women living in the communities who lose their lives as a result of various kinds of violent acts committed against them. Year in and year out, more and more of these women lose their lives and the McAuley Community Services for Women have taken it upon themselves to ensure that such a negative trend is stopped once and for all. Whenever such violent acts occur, some of the women who are able to escape from it are left homeless with nothing to fall back on and the problem with those who have children with them is even worse. The services that are therefore provided are to see to it that these women get the necessary supportive assistance that they need in order to live a safe, secured and meaningful life.

How to get involved with the work of the McAuley Community Services for Women

The association heavily depends on the generosity of the community members in order to keep providing women and children who are vulnerable to being oppressed with the support that they need in such times. This has therefore led to the creation of some ways through which the general public can get involved with the provision of all the various services for these women. These ways are;

To volunteer for us

Under the volunteering way, each and every individual who wishes to support the work that we do can offer to undertake various activities without seeking for any form of payment. In this regard, the association uses the time and energy of these volunteers to see to performance of a number of services which would have cost money to do elsewhere.

To donate to the association

This involves the giving of financial and material gifts to the association to support the services that it has been rendering to women and children in the community.

Leave a bequest

In this way, a person can give part or whole of his or her properties to the association which can only be claimed at the demise of the person concerned. This is a major way through which you can make sure that your name lives on even years after your demise.

Donate on a monthly basis

This is mainly for those individuals who are working within any of the business organisation and are paid on a monthly basis. These people can sign a document which will ensure that at the end of every month a stipulated amount of money will be deducted from their salary to be given to the association.

Fundraise for the association

This involves the individual or a group of individuals organising a series of events which have the sole aim of raising funds for the association. This can however only be done by seeking for the consent of the association first due to the fact that a lot of people are willing to use such noble visions to dupe people.

Another way that you can help is to provide the association with the chance to speak at events that you have organised in order to create awareness about the services that are provided by the association to women and children in the community.

How your support is used by the association

  1. The provision of housing facilities for women and children who have been rendered homeless.
  2. The provision of vital care services for women who have been exposed to any form of abuse in the community.
  3. The provision of educational resources which are given to those children who have had their education abruptly ended.
  4. The association also provides employment opportunities for each and every disadvantaged woman in the community.

There are other vital services that the association provides to make sure that women and their children also get the chance to live comfortably in the community.

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