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Moerlina School

Moerlina is a small community primary school that provides stimulating, inquiry based learning in an inclusive environment.

Who we are

The Moerlina School was formerly known as the Lance Holt Claremont School and was established in the year 1974. However, exactly three (3) years later, in the year 1977, the Lance Holt Claremont School was changed into Moerlina School. This was mainly due to the dissolving of the Lance Holt Claremont School. This dissolution gave rise to the Moerlina School being formed in that same year. The main reason for the establishment of the school was to provide children with an engaging and conducive educational environment that helps to ensure that children get to develop in a more complete and holistic way.

What is the vision of the Moerlina School?

It is the vision of the Moerlina School to see to it that children who get the chance to be educated there are provided with the best teaching and learning environment that helps with the total development of the children.

What is the mission of the Moerlina School?

The mission of the Moerlina School is very simple and that is to help create an atmosphere that allows each and every individual student to achieve his or her maximum potentials in order to live a life worthy of emulation in the society.

What does the Moerlina School value most?

The School values the development of each and every individual student holistically.

The Moerlina School has been consistently providing each and every student with quality educational and personal development services from as far back as when it was first established in the year 1974 and through the year 1977 when the name was changed to what it is presently. This is an educational institution that does not joke with the development of children and as such goes the extra mile just to ensure that each and every student gets educated in a way that best suits his or her educational needs.

What are the facilities that the Moerlina School provides for its students?

The Moerlina School has a number of quality facilities which it has made available in order to ensure that the children do learn with the best and appropriate materials and facilities. However, it is only fair that the talk about the facilities that the School provides be centred on the current facilities that the Moerlina School has put in place for all of their students. In this regard, there are two main facilities which are recognised as being state-of-the-art educational facilities and these are;

The Early Learning Centre

This is by far the best that any parent could ever wish for his or her child when it comes to the provision of educational facilities. This Centre is purposely made to adequately cater for the needs of learners between the ages of 3 years to 6 years. This Centre has enough space which allows the children to have the chance to undertake various forms of activities when they are inside the facility.

The Carnaby Room

This is a spacious room that was also recently constructed on the 6th of November, 2009. It is also furnished with a variety of teaching and learning materials which helps students of Moerlina to better grasp things that they are taught.

These two facilities are also constructed in a way that it seeks to create an inclusive environment where each and every individual student is accepted regardless of where he or she comes from or his or her health status.

How to get involved with Moerlina School

There are a variety of ways through which you can get involved with the Moerlina School but these ways have been classified under two major categories and these are;

  • To join any of its numerous committees or
  • To become a member of any of the teams that it has in place

These are the main ways through which the Moerlina School creates a powerful working relationship with the entire community as they are allowed to participate in a lot of things concerning how the children are brought up educationally, socially, emotionally and mentally. In this way, the School makes it possible for the children to grow up in a more holistic manner.

Who is qualified to attend the Moerlina School?

Though the Moerlina School does not prevent any student who wishes to be schooled there, it is very essential that the various educational and social services that it provides are for a specific group of students. This group of students are determined by their age which runs from children who are about to enter into the Kindergarten to children about to enter the primary school. Children who fall within this group have every right to apply to be schooled at Moerlina and each child is always provided with equal opportunities at the school. This is the driving force behind the structuring of all the learning activities around children between the ages of 3 years and 6 years.

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