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Monash Childrens Hospital

Monash Childrens Hospital is a major childrens hospital located in Melbourne Australia with an aim to provide excellent child care services to children.

Monash Children’s Hospital is a subsidiary of Monash Health, an institution providing healthcare services to people in Australia. It is Victoria’s largest health care service provider. Monash Health provides extraordinary health services to people from the pre-birth period to the aged along with their families and carers. The services it provides include paediatrics, cardiology, women’s health, kidney and pancreas transplant, and intensive care for sick and pre-mature babies. It carries out research to find new and improved methods to cure the advanced diseases employing the latest technology and to improve clinical care given to the patients. It provides a vast variety of allied health services through its large number of health care institutions to support the patient in recovery and prevent people from developing various illnesses. Monash Health was previously named Southern Health until the name was changed in 2013.

Monash Children’s Hospital

It is a major children’s hospital located in Melbourne Australia with an aim to provide excellent child care services to children. It works in the area which requires the highest levels of care in Australia where more than a quarter of the state’s child population resides. It is a part of the Monash Health Circle and has a network of paediatric services across Monash Medical Centre, Casey Hospital and Dandenong hospital. The hospital is known for the provision of the most innovative and advanced family oriented healthcare services in Victoria. It is committed to provide its patients with the specialized services. It aims is to give individual attention to people under its care.

The focus of the Monash Children’s Hospital has always been to put its patients first and give them exceptional care with outstanding results. The hospital also has a research facility where it strives to improve ways for clinical care and paediatric research and education. The goal of the research is to create a method to combine the latest research with the paediatric clinical care. It currently has research over the fields of Newborns and Children. The latest research that the Monash Children’s Hospital made was the treatment for molybdenum cofactor deficiency type A which prevented a child to sustain permanent brain damage and survived. This was the first research of its kind in this field and hence the Hospital’s Research Facility became the pioneers of the treatment of this disease in the world. It provides a specialized team of hospital staff relating to medicine, nursing and other professionals who are trained at meeting the physical, social, psychological and clinical needs of the patients and their families being treated at the hospital.


Monash Children’s Hospital is Victoria’s largest public health services provider. It cares for the children who will in the future make the foundations of this state. It works in the region of Australia where a quarter of the children of the state aging 9-19 reside. It offers emergency paediatric services as well as an advanced oncology department. It has till date provided treatment to almost 30% of the child cancer patients in Victoria. It holds credit for being the first hospital in the world to introduce wireless and instantaneous imaging technology for new born patients. Monash Children’s Hospital is the only hospital in the state to offer a treatment unit for Thalassemia patients. It has Victoria’s only child sleep facility. Equipped with the latest technology and advanced treatment methods, Monash Children’s Hospital has the only center for fetal surgery and paediatric cardiac electrophysiology in Australia. It provides a facility for mental health services to the mothers and their infant babies. It gives these services to inpatients and outpatients up to 18 years of age along with their families. It also provides services to children from developing countries. The counties who do not have the specialized equipment and necessary technology to operate surgical cases relating to cardiac and neurological fields, are treated at Monash Children’s Hospital. It also cures patients from rural and regional areas and provide them accommodation till the time they are treated at the hospital. The Hospital has a large number of specialized staff including 200 doctors and over 300 nurses.

It is an institution with an aim. It believes in the provision of specialized healthcare services to the children so that they grow up to become healthy citizens of the community and give their best to the society they live in and thus benefit the state. Young children are at a danger of developing a number of diseases due to their weak immune systems. Also the children born with a disease are given special care under expert guidance. The purpose is to build up a healthy society full of productive people.

New Monash Children’s Hospital

New Monash Children’s Hospital is a standalone facility alongside Monash Medical Centre in Clayton. It is scheduled to be completed in 2017 to meet the needs of the growing population in the south-east Australia. It will be a 230 bed hospital offering paediatric services to the children. It will be more advanced and equipped with the latest technological trends to increase the level of clinical care offered at the hospital. The purpose is to cure and look after as many patients as possible with the provision of individual care to each of them.

The Monash Children’s Hospital provides a holistic approach to the services in paediatric field. It has a wide staff of multidisciplinary medical specialists, nursing staff and healthcare professionals who are equipped with the latest technology and treatment facilities. It gives its patients physical, psychological, social and clinical support at its best. It offers to cure local as well as international patients from developing countries who lack the latest technology and specialized medical staff. It provides services to the children along with their families. And gives accommodation facilities to the families who have come a long way to get themselves cured at the Hospital. It is a part of the Monash Health which is a renowned health care provider in Victoria, Australia with a large number of child institutions across Southern Australia.

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