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Muscular Dystrophy Western Australia

The Muscular Dystrophy Association of WA is committed to its mission and has evolved through the dedicated work of the many volunteers and staff.

The Muscular Dystrophy Association of WA in short known as the MDA WA is a non-profit organization that depends on the bigheartedness of the public in Western Australian and the corporate community for its financial support. The Muscular Dystrophy Association of WA is committed to its mission and over the passage of many years has evolved through the dedicated and diligent work of the many volunteers and staff.

MDA WA is presenting a variety of services, Seminars and Conferences, Research, Treatment Information, Family and Patient Support Group, Diagnosis including the kids Club. The money that is raised also helps in funding the crucial research that is carried into Muscular Dystrophies by experts at the Australian Neuromuscular Research Institute (ANRI).

All that is carried out is focused on the improvement of the quality of life for people in Western Australia having muscular dystrophy including other associated conditions, giving support those the carers of those having muscular dystrophy and giving financial backing into management of treatments and eventually for a cure for some of these extremely devastating diseases.

The Muscular Dystrophy WA History

MDA WA was established in the year 1967 by a small parents group together with Professor Byron Kakulas and the Rotary Club of West Perth. Today, it offers a wide range of services for persons in Western Australian who are affected by muscular dystrophy.

Muscular Dystrophy WA joined in 2019 with the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation of Australia. Coupled with the might of this national Foundation powering them, Muscular Dystrophy WA is now able to bring even added support to the muscular dystrophy community in Western Australia plus going ahead with funding worldwide leading research.

The Vision

The vision heralds a world free of muscular dystrophy as well as the connected conditions; where cures and treatments for these destructive diseases allowing the young people to attain old age; and that they also would have a life quality that is superior.

The Mission

The ‘Mission of Help’ for today and tomorrow defines Muscular Dystrophy WA very purpose and is what informs what they are doing currently today and will continue doing into the future towards supporting research and services for all who are affected by muscular dystrophy.

Cough Assist Program

Muscular Dystrophy Western Australia offers life-saving CoughAssist™ Machines to the muscular dystrophy community in Western Australia.

These machines are helping those with muscular dystrophy through inducing both a rapid exhale and a slow inhale, encouraging natural coughing, at the same time as avoiding those challenges connected with procedures that are more invasive.

The Duke of Edinburgh International Award Program

The MDA WA launched in July 2013 the innovative program, The Duke of Edinburgh International Award. This is a unique program championed by 6 young, inspirational individuals.

The Award, a self-developmental award encourages young people aged 14 to 25 in developing skills that are focused around aspects of self-confidence, self-belief, personal challenge and community engagement. The Award is granted individually to every participant.

The ethos of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award ethos resonate very well with MDA WA that each young person ought to get the ability and chance of taking part irrespective of circumstance or situation.

MDA WA Activities

Muscular Dystrophy Western Australia is providing a variety of activities to its members as well as their families via the Community Support Program. The activities comprise camps; respite weekends for mothers and the Family picnic held annually at Myattsfield Vineyard & Winery. Besides that often there are other activities during the entire year, offering the opportunity of developing relationships and networking with other many families. Also they are encouraging families to participate in the fundraising activities ongoing throughout the year, particularly the key event known as “Ride for Someone Who Cannot”.

Advocacy Work

Muscular Dystrophy WA purposes to protect, advocate, and advance the human, legal and service rights of persons having muscular neuromuscular and dystrophy conditions. The staff works well with you towards achieving outcomes or they may refer you to another organization able to assist you more. Advocacy may be offered on a group, individual or systemic basis having the overriding goal of attaining equal accessibility and rights.

The advocacy may be employed for the staff in advocating on your behalf or in offering support in helping you towards self advocating based your issue and specific needs. MDA WA purposes to support its members in developing and growing their self advocacy, confidence and assertiveness skills.

Advocacy could also entail MDA WA giving feeding back issues and concerns that have been identified by the members to the attention of the government plus other bodies involved in policy making to help in shaping future services for persons having muscular dystrophy as well as other related neuromuscular medical conditions.

Equipment Loan

MDA WA has a small equipment library, available to the members.

Items accessible include:

  • Portable ramps
  • Transportable hoists
  • Beach Trekker
  • Slings in various sizes
  • Cough Assist Machines

Giving Your Support to MDA WA

  • Giving a Donation
  • Corporate Giving
  • Workplace Giving
  • Becoming a Member
  • Leave a Bequest
  • Volunteering
  • Running an Event
  • Collection Boxes
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