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National Centre for Childhood Grief

The National Centre for Childhood Grief (NCCG) offers loving and caring support in a safe location where kids that are grieving a death could come together.

Noah’s Shoalhaven is a children’s not for profit charity formed in the year 1981. It is offering caring, very high quality plus culturally sensitive therapy and early education services for young kids having additional needs, their carers and their families who are living in Shoalhaven and some of the surrounding regions.

Noah’s Shoalhaven provides high quality and flexible services to kids having special needs and support care to their own families. For close to 40 years, Noah’s Ark Centre of Shoalhaven has developed from a small toy library running from a small cottage verandah into a crucial centre offering providing services to about 400 children annually.

Noah’s support families and they do listen to the community. They endeavor to offer evidence-based family-centred interventions for young kids and the affected families, and to also celebrate the dignity and diversity of kids of all ability levels.

The History of Noah's

Noah’s was founded in 1977 in Nowra by a small assemblage of families being a derivative of a on a Canberra service. ‘Noah’s Ark Centre for the Handicapped’ was the original name and it primarily functioned as a toy library, offering toys for kids in the area having special needs. During that phase, the toys were largely supplied by a Canberra Toy Library mobile van and originally the library was located on a small cottage verandah.

After some challenging periods, Noah’s got incorporated in 1981 and their applications submissions for a occupational therapist, co-ordinator and rent subsidy made to the Department of Youth & Community Services became successful, Noah’s Ark Centre of Shoalhaven was finally born.

Noah’s Ark Centre of Shoalhaven has in the past few years dramatically expanded with 15 programs being provided to children having disabilities in the Shoalhaven area and to their families. Currently the Centre is serving about 400 children annually with around 180 of them accessing the provided services every week.


A variety of programs are available which can be grouped under the following broad classes:

Development Delay and Disability Services

Transdisciplinary Playgroup Program

At Noah’s Ark Centre of Shoalhaven they got playgroups for kids between 0 and 6 years having a developmental delay in excess of one growth area. Every week kids having with special needs are brought to a small group session where they get play-based therapy. The Noah’s Ark Centre transdisciplinary team is made up of an occupational therapist, a teacher, a psychologist, a speech pathologist, a worker who deals with family information and several child care workers. Jointly with you, they identify the individual goals for the child and design a plan such that your kid’s skills get better at the home and even in the broader community set up.

Transdiciplinary Functional Assessment

The goal of this service is to evaluate every kid’s needs and then make out the goals to work on. The staff will work with your family directly towards exploring strengths and weaknesses of your child. They’ll supply you information concerning your kid’s development and inform you regarding available support services and also help in designing individualized education plans for your kid.

Disability Support Program for Families

When a kid having a disability attains that age when they are no longer eligible to get early intervention services, Noah’s Ark Centre of Shoalhaven could still assist through giving support to the family as a whole and to the carers.

Helping Children with Autism (HCWA) & Better Start Programs

HCWA is a program that is federally funded providing support to families having their kid diagnosed as having an Autism Spectrum Disorder while still below seven years of age. The innovative “Better Start’ is another comparable program giving support to families having an eligible diagnosis like a child having Down Syndrome, that is hearing or visually impaired, a child having Fragile X Syndrome or one that got cerebral palsy.

Family Psychology & Support Services

Having a kid that got a disability or developmental delay could be very challenging and even overwhelming at times. The Noah’s Ark Centre of Shoalhaven Family Psychology and Support Services offer specialized support to those families with special requirements.


The MyTime groups are according support for the fathers, mothers, grandparents and in fact anybody who is taking care of a child having a chronic medical condition or a disability.

Behaviour Support Services

Among the services offered include:

  • Parental Tip Sheets
  • Behaviour Support Network & Community Calendar
  • The Shoalhaven Child Managing Program

Aboriginal Partnerships

  • Mums &Bubs Program
  • Early Education Support Program, Wreck Bay
  • Speech Pathology, Wreck Bay
  • Healthy Waminda (Bhu-lang) Play group

Early Childhood Services Support

Several services are provided towards early such as the Day care Funding Program and the Shoalhaven Aboriginal Childcare Project How to Assist Noah’s Ark Centre of Shoalhaven always welcomes help and support from all who are willing. In this regard, there are several options available through which you could assist:

  1. Volunteering
  2. Corporate Sponsorship
  3. Kids Supporters Program
  4. Donating
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