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Noahs Ark Resource Centre QLD

Noahs Ark is a non profit organization based in Queensland that offers high quality developmental and professional support to children with disabilities.

Founded in 1976, Noah’s Ark is a non-profit organization based in Queensland that is dedicated to offering high quality developmental and professional support to children having disabilities and any other types of additional special needs. In addition, it offers a professional consultative service for carers, parents and educators wishing to discover the best alternatives that are available towards helping their kids attain their maximum potential.

Currently, in response to the varied requirements of their clients, Noah’s Ark is offering a complementary blend of development and learning; early intervention programs, specialist training; educational workshops and services for inclusion support.

A Board of Management supports Noah’s Ark through giving professional support and strategic direction. The services get delivered by a trained staff, skilled and an enthusiastic volunteer’s team. Noah’s Ark works towards enhancing the capacity of kids having disabilities so that they would be able to attain their full potential.

This is achieved through:

  • Provision of resources
  • Research on children having disabilities
  • Collaborating with other disability services
  • Education giving to others who support disability services
  • Influencing and advocating for policy agenda touching on children having disabilities

From 1976, Noah’s Ark has become a vital component of the community offering support for the kids, families and the educators.

The Values of Noah’s Ark

  • Accessible for all
  • Quality Emphasis
  • Tailored to the need
  • Practical focus

The Purpose

The purpose of Noah’s Ark’s is empowering educators to boost the learning environment of kids to attain their maximum potential.

The Noah’s Ark’s Vision

The vision is to become the leading organization in the growth and and delivery of educational services and resources that go into enhancing development, learning and inclusion for the kids.

What Noah’s Ark is recognized and valued for:

Noah’s Ark is recognized for their exemplary services that are tailored towards the requirements of the education professionals who are supporting the children.

  • Professional advice, resources and services
  • Depth of expertise and knowledge
  • Inventive resource development
  • Adaptability and responsiveness

Noah’s Ark Services

The following services get funding from the Queensland and Australian Governments.

Specialized Equipment & Resources for Kindergartens Program

The SERK is a program that is accessible by stand alone and session-based Kindergartens running in Queensland and offering educational resources and guidance towards capacity building of teachers for the promotion of better outcomes in education for kids. Additionally, the program offers access for Kindergartens to specialized equipment to facilitate inclusiveness practices for kids having disabilities and other types of needs once the Therapist has made such a an equipment recommendation.

Educational Resource Library

This program, that is online and in located at East Brisbane, has an extensive choice of kits and other kinds of resources several of which are adapted and designed for kids having disabilities or other unique needs. Membership is often recommended by educators and therapists to boost developmental outcomes while still in the home setting.

Equipment Lending Pool

The IPSP or Specialist Equipment program loans aids and equipment to Early Childhood Education & Care Services (ECEC) that are Government approved, wishing to enhance their capacity in assisting more inclusion of a kid that has shown continuous needs for high support.

Inclusion and Professional Support

The IPSP Inclusion Support Agency serves the Brisbane North Region supporting the inclusion and professional support requirements of the ECEC program. This involves capacity building of services towards creating an inclusive environment for families and their kids supporting their development and wellbeing. Additionally, it is also promoting the responsiveness to and awareness of the following groups that are a priority:

  • Children coming from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds, as well as refugee children;
  • Children having ongoing high support requirements plus those with disabilities;
  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander families and their children.

Other advice and resources are obtainable on a basis of fee-for-service.

The Supporters of Noah’s Ark Noah’s Ark

acknowledges the backing of Queensland and Australian Governments as well as the numerous supporters. Without this generous contribution expertise, time and donations Noah’s Ark would not possibly achieve all what they have been able to and continue to do.

Your financial baking assists Noah’s Ark to help the kids and is very much appreciated. Your donations make sure that the organization will go on offering the much needed quality educational programs and resources for kids having a disability and other needs across Queensland.

Volunteering at Noah’s Ark

Volunteers have an integral role to play in Noah’s Ark operations and throughout the year, they welcome new volunteers. At Noah’s Ark, there are lots of diverse ways of volunteering and they will always try to get your knowledge and skills matched with interest areas in a fitting role.

As a volunteer, you will be having the ability of assisting a great organization as well as being accorded an opportunity of connecting with others.

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