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Established in 1929 to provide supportive services to people who were living with any kind of disability in the community, this now includes the elderly.

Who we are

Northcott is a charity organisation that first started as an NSW Society for Crippled Children in the year 1929. It was mainly established to provide supportive services to people who were living with any kind of disability in the community. These people were in those days abandoned and left to fend for themselves which led to majority of them ending up dead. Since its inception, the organisation has been providing various services to kids with any kind of disability. Those services have now been expanded to include even the elderly in the community. Northcott therefore sees to it that the needs of both children and the aged living with any form of disability are adequately and properly met. These unique services are rendered to people living in either NSW or ACT.

Our vision

It is the vision of Northcott to continue providing quality supportive services to each and every person with a disability who chooses Northcott.

What is the mission of Northcott?

The mission of Northcott is to ensure that a society that unites in providing support for people with disabilities is created.

What are the values of Northcott?

Northcott cherishes the following values;

  • Professionalism
  • Competency
  • Courage
  • Commitment
  • Passionate
  • Responsiveness
  • Integrity

How can you get involved with Northcott?

There are a variety of ways through which you can also get involved with what Northcott has been doing for people with disabilities in the community and they include;


This involves the donating of money or other essential materials to Northcott. These donations can be made online, through the collection of gifts during a memorial service or even during the celebration of a life event.


This involves the rendering of various services for Northcott by people within the communities without seeking for any form of remuneration. This can be done by individuals or corporate entities.

Fundraise for Northcott

Those who are touched by the condition of people with disabilities in the community can also decide to use this way in order to raise financial support for Northcott. A number of ways are also made available under fundraising for Northcott and they include;

  1. Partnering with other fundraising groups
  2. Fundraising during the memorial service of a loved one
  3. Organising your own fundraising events
  4. Taking active part in any of the fundraising activities that Northcott organises periodically

Leaving of a bequest

This is for those who wish to have a positive impact in the lives of people living with various kinds of disabilities in the community by including the name of Northcott in those who stand to benefit when they pass away.


This is for those business organisations that wish to support Northcott whilst also benefitting from certain essential services that will be rendered by Northcott to those business entities.

What are the services provided by Northcott?

Northcott provides the following essential services;

  • The provision of housing facilities
  • The provision of therapeutic services
  • The provision of individualised support services
  • The provision of job-related training services
  • The provision of supportive services to families of people with disabilities
  • The provision of equipments that help to provide some form of independence and freedom for people with disabilities
  • Northcott also caters for the National Disability Insurance Scheme services
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