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Novita Childrens Services

Novita provides child development, rehabilitation and disability services to more than 2000 young clients, as well as support for their families and carers.

The Novita children’s services is providing child developments, disability services as well as rehabilitation to in excess of 2000 young clients and is also supporting the families and the carers. They are giving support to young people and children throughout their childhood plus adolescent years across in regional South Australia, Adelaide and even beyond. They’re also having had a direct and positive impact on South Australians in their thousands through their broader activities with families and the concerned communities.

The expert staff team is composed of rehabilitation experts, psychologists, paediatric, medical specialists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, orthosists, social workers, rehabilitation engineers and dieticians who all are working jointly with the affected families in giving kids the best possible start to life. They are also providing planning support as well as service coordination to make the families experience as they work together as smooth as possible.

Novita children’s services are the biggest South Australian community-based organization dealing with children services. Due to their established networks within the childcare, school, and kindergarten sectors both with government based and private and child health organization, they’re able to offer the best practice holistic child care service across lots of a child’s areas of development and growth.

Novita is working with the newest technologies, research and equipments to help their clients in accessing each aspect of life-irrespective of if they are at their homes, in the school or community playground, school, kindergarten, or even while on the sports playing field.

For in excess of 75 years, Novita has gotten to be a trusted and recognized provider of kid’s developmental and disability services, thus empowering every kid in discovering their capabilities and their full potential.

Developing a Child’s Potential

For above 75 years, they have been among the biggest providers of quality children services. They are doing this through understanding the significance of working jointly with families and carers in ensuring they are meeting the requirements of the kid and the family. This is through their multi-disciplinary expert team having vast experience in the provision of high-quality therapy to kids having disabilities and other developmental wants. They are also offering case management assistance plus social work services towards ensuring that the services are very nicely coordinated and are catering to the individual situation of the family.

The staff at Novita got vast skills and experience towards giving support a kid’s transition into childcare, then preschool, followed by school and eventually to high school. Novita supports families with the actual planning and with the pertinent information needed in assisting with the different transitions. They may work directly with respective schools so aid the school in understanding each child’s special requirements and in empowering them with the needed understanding while suggesting strategies that may be necessary in fully supporting the kid’s development and learning.

Novita provides an array of special services for children having disability and developmental needs that include:

  • The management of cases
  • Prescription of equipment, training and the support
  • Allied health therapy services
  • Psychology services

Arising from professional appraisals, the Novita staffs recommend fitting interventions for every child, founded on the newest evidence plus clinical experience. They are working with the kid and the concerned family in creating an individualized therapy plan that has been designed towards supporting the child in to achieve their life goals.

Their well coordinated team-based approach makes sure that the therapy staffs are working collaboratively in ensuring the services offered to each child are effective and coordinated. They provide a comprehensive range of services for all children, right from baby’s first day right through to their stage as young adults.

Services offered include:

Children’s services

The program offers early interventions, child development, therapy, rehabilitation as well as equipment prescription for young people and small children, service planning as well as coordination. Such sessions are accessible at the following sites:

  • Elizabeth
  • Regency park
  • Whyalla
  • St Mary’s
  • Para field Gardens

Visits are also obtainable to childcare, homes, preschool as well as school settings.

Regional services

The program offers equipment, support and therapy to kids plus their families in regional South Australia. They provide services to a specific region in response to the identified requirements of families and the local community. Consequently, these services are presented in a variety of methods and can be agreed or negotiated in case a number of families are interested in having them scheduled in aquatic therapy blocks sessions.

Technology Assistive services

This involves complex and customized equipments, seating and mobility solutions. They may include orthotics kind of services for helping the clients in setting up and accessing the most suitable equipment that would assist them with their mobility, communication, education and day to day living.

Connect Ability

This aids kids having disability in getting active through connecting them with suitable sporting plus recreation activities.

Government-funded Programs

In addition, Novita is a principal provider of several government-sponsored programs for the children having further needs.

Early Intervention Autism Program

This program is supporting children aged between 0 and 6 with Autism spectrum disorder to accord them the best possible opportunity of being successful during and in their transition into formal school.

Teen Zone

This Program offers a wide assortment of fun-field activities for teens having disability as well as their siblings.

Better start for the Kids having disability

The program is supporting kids that are aged between 0 and 6 years and have been diagnosed with an eligible physical disability, to successfully be able to transition to formal school.

Home Interaction Program for Parents & Youngsters

This is a 2-year home-based enrichment program targeting children and their parents that delivers weekly activities through which both kids and parents work together with the backing of home tutors.

Children Counseling

Provides psychology services to kids who are below 12having, or are exposed to developing a potential mental emotional disorder or any other childhood behavioral and who would be likely beneficiaries from short-term and targeted psychological services and strategies.

Inclusion support

This program helps childcare services towards involving kids that require extra support, like kids from backgrounds that are culturally and linguistically diverse, indigenous children as well as those kids having ongoing high support requirements.

Communication & Access Technology Specialist Services

Offers specialized prescription kind of support for kids and adults that need assistive technology for their independence and communication at home and in even within their community.

Getting Involved

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