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Oasis Africa Australia

It is the aim of the organization to see to it that each disadvantaged child in Kenya gets provided with all the necessary things that make life meaningful.

Who we are

The Oasis Africa Australia was formed in the year 2005 by a group of individuals who were living in Sydney. This was after they had experienced the real hardships that some orphaned children were going through in their bid to also get themselves well educated. These children were also found out to be very prone to various accidents and disasters that may occur as a result of the degraded nature of the structure that they were using as a classroom. This organization was therefore immediately formed in order to provide for the needs of those orphaned children in Kenya. However, after these had been achieved, it was realized that more had to be done about similar situations that other children were also going through in Kenya.

What is the aim of the Oasis Africa Australia organization?

It is the aim of the organization to see to it that each and every disadvantaged child in Kenya gets provided with all the necessary things that make life meaningful. These things include; medical assistance, provision of food and good housing units and provision of educational support for these children.

What is the vision of the organization?

It is the vision of the organization to help build a society in Kenya where the orphaned children also get to live to realise their full potentials in life without being hindered by any setbacks which may be as a result of his condition.

What are the services of the organization?

The Oasis Africa Australia organization sees to the provision of the following services to the children who are located in the slums of Kibera and those who are students of the BCC Primary School and they include;

The student scholarship program

This is the provision of various financial and material resources to children who are regarded as being qualified for such scholarships. They are given to these children so as to help them reach the highest level of the educational ladder which will make them to be able to realise their full potentials. There is also the vocational scholarship which is given to students who have an interest in learning a particular craft. It helps such students to go through their vocational training without any setbacks as all that they may need there is catered for by the scholarship that they are given.

The adopt a school program

This is a program that has been introduced by the organization in order to allow individuals to adopt any of the schools that they have been providing for. This allows the public to also get actively involved with the things that the organization is doing in order to eliminate the gaps that exist between the lives of children living and attending schools in the slums and their counterparts who are more privileged. This program has made it possible for a number of people to have a positive impact on the lives of these kids who have been living in the slums.

These are the main programs that the organization runs. However, there are other current programs being undertaken by the organization which deal with the provision of supportive services for the two main slums that it has been helping within Nairobi in Kenya.

How you can help the Oasis Africa Australia

The organization largely depends on the support that it gets from individuals and business organizations in order to keep on helping and supporting these numerous children who live in the slums. The following are some of the ways that you can also help the Oasis Africa Australia organization to achieve what it has set as its main targets;

To sponsor a child

This mainly refers to an individual or a group of individuals who decide to provide for the needs of a particular child who lives within any of the two slums in Nairobi. In opting to sponsor a child, a minimum monthly deduction of $35 a month is taken from the one who wishes to sponsor the child. There are also the other categories where a sponsor can also opt to go for the $50 a month or the $420 for the whole year. When these monies are deducted, they are used to provide for the needs of that particular child that the one sponsoring indicates on the sponsor a child form.

To organise fundraising events for the organization

The organization also gives the public the opportunity to organise events by themselves in order to raise material and financial resources to help with the provision of all the basic necessities of life that those children who live in the slums lack. Such fundraising events can only be undertaken with the permission of the Oasis Africa Australia organization.

To make a donation to the organization

This refers to the various material gifts and financial donations that are made to the organization by the members of the general public towards supporting those kids living in the slums.

Purchasing of event tickets

The organization also holds a number of events with the aim of raising funds and sells tickets to the general public which allows them to also participate in whatever event that is organised.

These are the ways through which you can also make your impact in the lives of those children who are disadvantaged in terms of the basic necessities of life.

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