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Ozchild Charity Organization

The OzChild charity organization work to ensure that the future of children and protected and built properly.

About us

The OzChild charity organization was formed in the year 1851 and has since that time been in existence undergoing various evolutions which has seen to it being referred to as the OzChild charity organization. It is an organization which was established with the main aim of helping to provide proper and quality supportive homes for children who were no longer safe and comfortable with their biological parents. There was a point in time when it became very necessary to see to it that the children within Australian community are not allowed to become neglected and abandoned by their parents. This organization was therefore formed to see to it that such incidences were identified and corrected early enough in order not to bring any kind of disruption to the normal development of the child.

Our vision

To continue with the provision of various supportive services that is goal-oriented to children within the whole of the Australian community.

Mission of the OzChild charity organization

The mission of the organization is to ensure that the future of children and protected and built properly which happens to be foundation upon which the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child is formed.

What are the objectives of the OzChild charity organization?

  1. To take and initiate various activities which help with protecting the rights of the child
  2. To provide a variety of support systems with the aim of helping the child to develop in a positive way
  3. To advocate for the protection and recognition of the rights of the child throughout the whole Australian community and even beyond

These are the main aims of the OzChild charity organization.

Services provided by the OzChild charity organization

The OzChild charity organization provides a number of very essential and quality services to kids who are at risk of either being abandoned or neglected. These services are also during certain periods extended to the families of a particular child. Some of the services that the organization renders include;

  • The provision of foster care
  • Provision of kinship care
  • Provision of supportive services to the families of particular children
  • Provision of recreational facilities for the children
  • Provision of outreach supportive services in the educational setting
  • Provision of scholarships to deserving kids and educational instructors for those who might need them
  • The provision of emergency relief services and the giving of loans without any interest on them

These various services have been categorised under three main sections and these sections are;

  • The support for children and their families
  • Educational and development opportunities
  • Assistance in crisis

These three categories are the main programs that the OzChild charity organization run and each of the supportive services falls under one of these three broad categories.

Aside these three categories, there is also another program and this one deals with the provision of various pieces of information to each and every individual who has at a point in time received any of the support services of the organization.

Ways through which you can also contribute to what OzChild charity organization does

OzChild has created a lot of avenues which allows the general public to also get on board and render assistive services to the organization. Such services are what the organization use in order to ensure that each and every child in Victoria who is disadvantaged is well taken care of. These ways include;

Become a volunteer

This is the provision of an avenue for the members of the Victorian community which makes it possible for them to donate their time and strength (energy) to the organization. Such people agree to undertake various voluntary activities for the organization with the aim of helping it to provide its services to the children.

Make a donation

This deal with the provision of an avenue which urges each and every member of the Victorian community to contribute to the OzChild organization by donating various sums of money. Such donations can be made by using the online donation link that has been provided by the organization.

Fundraising for OzChild charity organization

This is also another major way through which an individual or a group of individuals can contribute to the organization. It involves the seeking of OzChild’s consent in order to undertake various activities and events at ones place with the main objective of raising funds for the organization.

Forming a partnership with OzChild

This also deal with the going into partnership with the organization by a business entity. Each member of the partnership provides valuable services which helps the other to grow positively.

Foster a child

This deal with the taking of a child who is disadvantaged (either neglected or abandoned) into one’s home and providing parental care and love for such a child.

These are some of the ways through which the general public are encourage to actively involve themselves with the activities of the OzChild charity organization.

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