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PA Research Foundation

The PA Research Foundation funds cutting-edge research into deadly and debilitating diseases. Through their lottery they raise funds for cancer research.

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About PA Research Foundation

For over 30 years, the PA Research Foundation has invested more than $20 million in cutting-edge research and equipment that will benefit victims of deadly and debilitating diseases like cancer, diabetes, liver disease and heart disease, among many others. Up to 1,300 researchers work together in investigating disease prevention, early detection, possible treatments and cures.

PA Research Foundation and PA Hospital

Carrying the rationale that raising real funds for real research studies discovers real outcomes, the PA Research Foundation seek for means to raise funds in supporting PA Hospital researchers. Over 600 researchers are currently working in the PA Hospital Campus. They are engaged in conducting world-class health and medical research studies with the goal of developing new treatments and therapies that will improve the health of the community.

PA Hospital campus’ researchers come from affiliate universities, including The University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology and Griffith University and the Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre.

PA Hospital researchers conduct research studies that involve the treatment, cure and prevention of the world’s deadliest and most debilitating diseases, including:

  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Liver Disease
  • Immunology
  • Heart Disease
  • Arthritis
  • Transplantation
  • Spinal Injury
  • Kidney & Renal Disease

PA Research Foundation’s Fund Raising Campaign for Cancer Research

PA Research Foundation organises events and initiatives to gather funds for cancer research. One of the initiatives that the organisation promotes is selling merchandise from their Support the Duck Stop Cancer campaign. Local businesses, retailers, franchises, schools and any members of the community can join in. They can sell the merchandise through their stores or individuals can create an individual fundraising page. Other fundraising activities that companies can take part in are the Team Challenges where they compete in a rubber boat race.

PA Research Foundation Lottery

Individuals who do not have time to join the Team Challenges or create a fundraising campaign can simply join a PA Research Foundation lottery contest. Individuals who join will get the chance to win exciting prizes, such as a new car valued at $40,000. Second prize winners usually win a travel voucher valued at around $5,000. By joining a PA Research Foundation lottery contest, you are helping the organisation save a life. The funds gathered in the raffle contests are used in providing researchers, doctors and nurses with tools that will help them improve the health outcomes of cancer patients. Join in the chance to win exciting prizes while supporting life-saving research at the cost of only $5 per entry.

Individuals who join PA Research Foundation raffle contests can opt for the Lucky Duck VIP Club membership. This will allow them to automatically enter every PA Research Foundation draw. They can also join the exclusive Lucky Duck Draw which will allow them to win up to $1,000 worth of bonus tickets.

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