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PCYC NSW Lottery is a State Art Union fundraising system initiated by the PCYC NSW Foundation to raise funds.

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PCYC Lottery is a national Art Union fundraising system initiated by the PCYC Foundation to raise funds for supporting the youth through the reduction of crimes by committed by young people and those that are committed against them.


The Police-Citizens Youth Club (PCYC) was formed in the year 1937 by William John Mackay who was then the Commissioner of Police. It was formed in partnership with Rotary to ensure that the youth in the communities were provided with a safer living environment to support their development and growth. This noble dream of Police Commissioner William John Mackay has now evolved into an organization that is mainly tasked with the responsibility to providing very life-saving services to the young people within the various communities. It is now regarded as one of the leading youth development charity organizations within Australia.

Our vision

  • To see to it that crimes committed against the young people in the various societies are drastically reduced to the barest minimum
  • To help create a peaceful and safe community where the young people desist from the committing of various forms of crimes which endanger their development and that of their victims
  • To promote citizenship throughout all the communities within the state
  • To ensure that all young people are made as positively active as they can be
  • To help develop the character and skills of the young people in the community

Our values

What the Police Community Youth Club values most is

  • To have a community where there are no or minimal criminal acts committed by and against the young people in that particular community

Funding for the Police-Citizens Youth Clubs

The PCYC is mainly funded by the members within every community. This has made it very necessary for certain fundraising activities to be instituted to help raise the much needed monetary resources which are then used in the performance of all the services of the PCYC Foundation. Some of these instituted systems include;

Club Memberships

Individuals are given the privilege to become members of the Police-Citizens Youth Club where they get to pay monthly membership dues which are used in providing of the numerous services to the young people in the community. By becoming a member of the PCYC, individuals are entitled to;

  • The use of all PCYC equipments at all clubs
  • Take active part in all PCYC activities and programs
  • Help in the administration of the local PCYC
  • Volunteer for PCYC activities
  • Donations

This is an avenue for both individuals and businesses to support the activities of the PCYC through the giving of various financial and material resources to aid the organization in providing all the necessary programs geared towards ensuring that the young people in the community are well protected and get to make very positive life-changing choices in life. The amount of money that can be donated to the PCYC depends on how much each individual or corporate organization wishes to donate - every donation is well appreciated.


This is where an individual decides to leave some of his or her property to the PCYC Foundation before he or she passes away. Bequests can be in the form of monetary or material resources and are a way through which passed away members of the society contribute to ensuring that the youth in the community are well protected from the committing of crimes by and against them.

Fundraising for the PCYC Foundation

This is the providing of avenues for both individuals and businesses alike to raise funds on behalf of the PCYC Foundation through various fundraising activities like the organizing of fundraising events. With this all that needs to be done is to fill the fundraising membership form and get the nod from the PCYC Foundation to go ahead with whatever activities the individual or corporate organization has put in place to generate the funds.

Police-Citizens Youth Club Foundation Lottery 37

The PCYC Foundation Lottery is another major way of generating very vital monetary resources for the carrying out of all responsibilities of the foundation. With the PCYC Foundation Lottery, tickets are sold to the general public which allows them to enter into a draw that is organized throughout every year. With such a lottery ticket, an individual gets to win any of the amazing prizes that are provided for all the winners of a particular draw. The money generated from the sale of lottery tickets are used in mainly providing various essential programs and activities which are all aimed at reducing the crimes that are committed by young people and also those that are done against the young people in the community. The PCYC Foundation Lottery has been an indirect way of getting the general public to support the cause of the organization whilst also standing the chance of improving the living standards by winning any of the available prizes.

Corporate Partnerships

This refers to the raising of resources, both financial and material, from corporate entities that wish to give the PCYC Foundation a push in the right direction by going into partnerships with the PCYC Foundation which tends to benefit both parties immensely. Members of the PCYC Foundation undertake certain voluntary activities on behalf of the particular business organization whilst the organization also provides the PCYC Foundation with some financial and material support.


With the VIP Gold Club, individuals get the chance to become permanent members of the PCYC Foundation with a minimum monthly deduction of $10. Becoming a VIP Gold Member also has the following benefits;

  • The chance to be automatically entered into each of the 6 Art Union draws that are organized every year and be in the mix to win part of the $160,000 worth of prizes
  • The chance to automatically qualify for each of the exclusive monthly draws that are organized on the 28th of every month throughout the whole year and stand the chance of winning $3000 worth of Coles Myer vouchers

With such fundraising systems, the Police-Citizens Youth Clubs continues to render it unrivalled support services to the young people in the community.

Ensuring a safer and better community is what PCYC Foundation craves for all young people.

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