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Property Industry Foundation

PIF aim to unite the construction and property industries in an initiative that is independent towards supporting community programs targeting at-risk youth

Results from the 2011 Australian census revealed that there were in excess of 44,000 young people that were homeless, implying that approximately 43 per cent of the homeless in the Australian population are young babies, small children and the youth who are under 25 years of age. Young people below age 25 are making up nearly half of the Australian homeless population. Out of these, 1 in every 51 girls in the15-19 age group utilized a homeless service during the previous year. The total number of children who are utilizing these homeless services has risen by about 15,000 over the previous couple of years.

The History of the Property Industry Foundation

The Property Industry Foundation or in short PIF was founded in 1996 in New South Wales, when major industry leaders came together to aid grass-roots charities which were providing specialist services meant for Australia’s at risk youth. In late 2008, the Melbourne office was initiated; and in May 2013 the Brisbane one opened. From inception, Property Industry Foundation has proven itself to be extremely successful as a philanthropic focal point and forum for people in the construction and property sectors to utilize their resources and skills towards helping solving the vital youth homelessness community problem.

The PIF Vision

The vision is uniting the whole national construction and property industry in an initiative that is independent towards supporting community programs which are targeted at risk young people.

Industry Support for PIF

A wide broad spectrum of the property as well as construction industry are greatly supporting their charity of choice and are enjoying the personal satisfaction and comradeship that it brings along. The valued Property Industry Foundation corporate partners, donors and industry supporters are giving yearly donations, including considerable contributions of materials, expertise and time towards the PIF charity projects.

Valued Corporate Donors Management as well as staff are very proactive in the charity building projects of the Foundation, engaging in fundraising activities yearly, in the volunteer programs and giving their to the networking groups The Foundation wishes to thank and appreciate each for the continued contribution in desiring to make some positive difference into the lives of the so many at risk and homeless young Australians.

The Results/Outcomes

The Property Industry Foundation has over time grown into being the construction and property industry's charity, helping to fund the cause in excess of $1.5M annually. PIF disburses considerable donations and also provides in-kind construction services to a variety of charitable organizations meeting the PIF stated mandate of “assisting young people that are at risk”. The National Board of the PIF has given approval to over 20 diverse children’s charity programs from when the PIF was established.

National PIF House Program

Bon Beach (VIC)

The project was done in collaboration with Australand and constructed for Lighthouse Foundation was another great success story, as it offers a fresh beginning to 4 young people and having 2 carers and completed in 2013.

Redfern (NSW)

Carried out in partnered with the authorities of the City of Sydney and run by Salvation Army has been seen a great success story. From that project, 7 young people who were once homeless are currently living in the Redfern home.

Victoria Charity Sailing Challenge

Every year, the Property Industry Foundation sends out invites for the Charity Sailing Challenge towards raising money for the many homeless youth and children. This makes a unique occasion for relationship building, business networking and client entertainment, whilst at the same time making a positive difference to the lives of young people who are at risk. The Charity Sailing Challenge event unites the construction and property industry in raising money for charities that are undertaking outstanding work with homeless children and street youth. The Property Industry Foundation 2013 Victoria Charity Sailing Challenge raised in excess of $90,000.

Victoria Corporate Charity Cycling Day

The Foundation has been able to obtain over $40,000 at its recent yearly Victoria Corporate Charity Cycling Day for projects working on youth homelessness.

Annual Sydney Charity Yachting Regatta

The PIF had yet another successful year during the Annual Sydney Charity Yachting Regatta, been able to raise some $400,000 towards projects for at risk young people.

Property Council Gala Ball 2014

The annual Gala Ball of the Property Council was held in August, having in excess of 460 guests coming from across the entire property and construction industry. The entertainment for the night included a silent and live auction, acrobatic performances and a raffle. Other activities included a sideshow alley comprising of popcorn and carnival machine games, dance band and a photo booth.

Through bighearted donations, sponsorship and fundraising activities, the annual Ball raised in excess of $100,000 for the Foundation, towards supporting the care services of the Lighthouse Foundation offered to youths who are disadvantaged youth in the Bonbeach PIF House. During the past five years, Property Council Gala Ball fundraising has raised almost $500,000 for Property Industry Foundation.

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