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Public Education Foundation

The Public Education Foundation gives life-changing scholarships to richly deserving public school students and grants to outstanding public school principles.

Who we are

This is a Foundation that has been in existence for some years now and seeks to help bridge the gap that exists between students and their desire to acquire knowledge and skills in the public educational institutions. It is a known fact that students within the public educational institutions are most at times left behind with regards to being provided with the much needed resources that will help them to achieve their best. This also goes for those professionals who take it upon themselves to teach in the public schools as there are not enough avenues for them to gain more knowledge in their area of expertise in order to develop holistically. This is the main reason why the Public Education Foundation provides necessary support services to both the students and their teachers to ensure that they also have everything that they need in order to fulfil all their life potentials.

What is the vision of the Public Education Foundation?

The vision of this noble Foundation is to see to it that supportive services are rendered to students and teachers within the public schools in order to help them realise their full potentials in life.

What is the mission of the Public Education Foundation?

The mission is to help bridge the gap that exists between the private schools and the public schools.

What does the Public Education Foundation value?

It values the creation of equal opportunities for both students and their teachers within every facet of education.

Due to the fact that education is viewed as having all that is needed to bring about positive changes within an individual, the Public Education Foundation seeks to make sure that all the appropriate resources are provided to those students who are very brilliant but are at a higher risk of having their education cut short. In such situations the Public Education Foundation takes it upon itself to provide scholarships to such deserving students in order to ensure that they do get the chance to finish their education and have what it takes to further pursue the career path that they have chosen.

Teachers in the public schools are also included in those who stand to benefit from the supportive services of the Public Education Foundation.

Services provided by the Public Education Foundation

The Foundation provides a number of services under three main categories and these are;

Scholarships for deserving students

Under this program, the Public Education Foundation identifies students who are exceptionally good at doing something within the educational setting but do not have the means to go through with his or her education. The aim here is to see to it that such students get the chance to acquire all the knowledge and skills that they need in order to maximise their potentials when they enter the world of work.

Scholarships for teachers

This is also another program that the Public Education Foundation has in place to help with the rendering of its services to those in the public schools. With this program, teachers are also provided with scholarships which enable them to undertake further studies in tertiary institutions that are known for their ability to provide teachers with professional training to make them become more efficient and effective when they return to teach in the classroom. This also serves as a form of incentive which helps the public schools to also get the best when it comes to committed and enthusiastic teachers to handle various subjects in the schools.

Awards for parents

This is the third program that the Public Education Foundation has initiated and it is mainly to help give some form of recognition to each and every parent who agreed to undertake voluntary services in any of the public schools within the community. This is done through the giving of the Public Schools Parent of the Year Award.

These are the three (3) main services that the Public Education Foundation provides to the public school setting.

How you can help the Public Education Foundation

There are a lot of ways through which each and every individual within the community can also get involved with the work of the Public Education Foundation and some of these ways include the following;

To make a donation on a given basis

This goes for those who work in any of the governmental institutions and would like to contribute towards what the Foundation has been doing. In this case, the specific amount agreed upon by the person is deducted from his or her payroll directly.

To fundraise for the Foundation

This refers to individuals and organisations accepting to organise events that are aimed at raising funds for the Foundation.

Leave a bequest

Those who also wish to make a positive impact on the lives of people even when they die can use this avenue and leave some of their property for the Foundation when they prepare their final will.

These are the ways through which you can also support the Public Education Foundation.

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