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Purple Lion Inc

Purple Lion, is a non-profit working towards raising funds for the initiative IDEA (Innovative Developments in the Education of children with Autism).

Children who are living with autism do require being given educational options for developing their skills in socialization, communication, academic achievement and behaviour regulation. To achieve this, the educational institutions need being served with specialist consultation that can only come from professionals having experience in the special autism field, and who also have a strong dedication in implementing teaching techniques which are evidence-based.

Purple Lion, is a non-profit charity, working towards raising funds for the initiative now known as the IDEA or in full the ‘Innovative Developments in the Education of children with Autism.’

Purple Lion has faith in kids living with the condition of Autism, believing in their ability and potential to learn and grow. The charity is convinced that with the right kind of intervention, it is possible to completely turn around the lives of kids who are living and having with children. The conviction is that by changing one life, you are indeed changing many lives. For that reason, Purple Lion is striving to offer quality support that is built on evidenced based programs of education for children having ASD.

The Purple Lion I.D.E.A Program

The Purple Lion approach of helping kids with ASD through I.D.E.A. is a completely new way of giving education in the setting of mainstream school scenarios and was first launched in 2010 via the initial ‘Foundation Room’ in Fawkner, Victoria.

The Program approach is multifaceted for meeting the social, academic, and behavioral needs of kids having ASD regardless of their functional level.

Purple Lion is offering financial backing to the I.D.E.A. program by facilitating the setting up in mainstream schools of 'Foundation Rooms'. All I.D.E.A. program services that are provided are underpinned by the recognized ABA philosophy, considered as one of the most impactful and evidenced based intercession targeting kids having autism.

The Program offers affected families an option for education benefitting their children and a favourable amount of support so available currently in schools.

The Work of Purple Lion Inc

Each of the Foundation Rooms will be made to have a broad and universal function of not just offering learning and support for each particular kid but to also build their capacity through the provision of professional support. This will be given by consultation and training given to the teachers as well as to the education support staff. Professional consultants will be providing the initial and continuous training for the staff. For services coordination, a full time teacher will be available throughout at the school, guided by the consultant professionals and the school principal.

The Foundation Room is in addition going to be staffed by a Behavioral Therapists Team. Services provided include professional consultation and development and these will be extended to network SSSO’s, kindergartens and the network schools. To facilitate effective continuing and valuable support for the learners as they are entering secondary education, a ‘sister’ kind of relationship will be put in place with a suitable locally based Secondary School.

Donate Now

By the close of year 2015, Purple Lion is aiming to see the establishment of 10 'Foundation Rooms' in Victoria. You can do your part by being part of the Purple Lion Funds Appeal started in 2010.

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