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RCD Fund

The organisation was formed to provide support and other needed help to children who have been diagnosed with brain tumour.

Who we are

The RCD Fund is a not for profit charity organisation that was established in June 2013 which is approximately about two months after the death of Connor who was suffering from brain tumour. The organisation was therefore formed to provide support and other needed help to children who have been diagnosed with brain tumour.

What is the mission of the RCD Fund?

The RCD Fund has a mission which is to see to it that children suffering from brain tumours are given the necessary medical assistance to ensure that they are able to live their lives free from having to always worry about the disease.

What is the vision of the RCD Fund?

The vision of the RCD Fund is to help create a world where no child will ever suffer from the damaging effects of brain tumours.

Values of the RCD Fund

The RCD Fund values the following;

  1. Support for children with ependymoma and their families
  2. Equal access to medical facilities and services

What are the services provided by the Robert Connor Dawes Fund?

The RCD Fund provides a number of services which are grouped into three major categories. Each of these categories has a number of essential services that are carried out under them. These three main categories are;


The RCD Fund sees to it that substantial funds are raised through a variety of ways to support a number of medical centres. These medical centres are those that specifically deal with the carrying of researches into the causes and treatments of brain tumours. Every medical centre that undertakes these kinds of research is given part of the money raised to help them continue on the path of trying to find a lasting cure to the problem of ependymoma.


The RCD Fund also sees to the provision of essential health care services to each and every child who has been diagnosed as having a brain tumour. These services vary from the provision of financial assistance to the provision of therapeutic services with the aim of helping such children to be nursed back to good health. The essence of these services is that they mostly cover those things that insurance does not cover and they are also rendered to the child along with those who help in taking care of him or her.


The RCD Fund also has a lot of programs that are initiated with the sole aim of helping to develop people who have the much needed knowledge that they need with regards to brain tumours and are therefore well equipped to battle such diseases. This includes services like the awarding of scholarships to deserving people and the organising of various campaigns with the aim of creating awareness.

These are the main categories of services that the RCD Fund provides.

How can you help the RCD Fund?

The following are the ways through which you can also support the RCD Fund;

  • Volunteering
  • Donating on a monthly basis
  • Participating in any of the events that are organised
  • Organising your own fundraising event
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