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1 in 4 young Australians today are experiencing some form of mental health difficulty. However an even bigger challenge is present: 70 per cent of those who are in need of help are not getting it. That comes to 525,000 people. These young people might be feeling like they got nobody to talk to concerning what they’re currently experiencing. Perhaps they’re not aware of where to go, or they even don’t realize that they are in need of help.

After family and friends, the internet becomes the first place where majority of the young people will turn to for support and information. This is at the point where steps in. offers specifically targeted information to assist any young individual who visits the internet service. Once they visit, they will be guided to handy tools that have been designed specifically for their requirements, even if they are not aware of what they’re in fact are looking for. works alongside young person’s to deliver handy tools and supports addressing youth mental health and lessen youth suicide.

On, everything is generated in partnership with the young people themselves, which make it relevant and engaging. In addition, it has all been based on the most recent evidence that promotes mental health, which makes it effective and trustworthy. It’s a secure space for young people to study on the subject of what they could do in order to get through hard times and, for lots of them a chance to assist others through their own tough times.

The History of

On a farm in Victoria in 1992, a young Australian man took his own life. This devastated his family and friends, who then joined other thousands of people who were deeply affected by the increasing suicide rates in Australia. The loss of the young man sparked off an idea which would change the manner in which young people would be finding help: through harnessing the strength of the web. The Inspire Foundation, which now is referred to as, was set up in 1997 to become the globe’s first mental health online service targeting young people.

Young People Driven

From its launch in 1998, has been supported and driven by young people. In excess 7,000 Australians pitched in their efforts to get off the ground, managing to raise some $180,000 through their Triple J ‘Real Appeal’. During that period in Australia, every 47 hours, one young man in ended their life.

The very first Youth Advisory Board of was composed of ten young Australians, who assisted in shaping the development and growth of From that time, has been working closely with the young people towards ensuring it is meeting the requirements of all young Australians, irrespective of their sexuality, gender or address.

Getting Fresh Methods to Reach Out

Thereafter, launched several extra services to help young people in Australia to be well and happy. For instance, the Beanbag program has been working with marginalized young Australian people, whilst ActNow provides the young people with the chance of taking action on those issues they truly care about. Between the years 1999 and 2004, the program additionally engaged with in excess of 36,000 young people via a series of tours made schools in regional and rural Australia.

Supporting Professionals

So successful was the model that in 2005 it expanded to the United States and in 20009 to Ireland. In Australia, launched ReachOut Professionals meant to aid health professionals, youth workers, and schools to support the wellbeing and mental health of young people, utilizing as a convenient resource. has strengthened its dedication to the delivery of evidence-based services through the establishment in 2010 of the Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre. This research centre performs research as well as evaluation towards the assessment of young people needs, whilst building partnerships that are sustainable.

Connecting during the new Digital Age is utilizing a pioneering approach and the most recent technology in connecting with the young Australians people, from a mobile app and site and including to online games. These modern digital tools have spectacularly increased the number of young people who are accessing information and help on Backers

ReachOut Backers help in ensuring that young people receive the assistance they require for their own wellbeing and mental health. Their contributions are going directly into services and programs that aid young people be well and happy.

  • Principal backers: Helping to reach young people throughout Australia.
  • Project backers: Investing in technology, research, and innovation to help in providing a service meeting the changing requirements of many young people today.
  • Community backers: Promotes wellbeing and positive mental health in their community and workplace.
  • Collaboration & content backers: Working jointly to offer the best possible outcomes for all the young people.
  • ReachOut Backers: Supporting wellbeing and positive mental health outcomes for all the young Australians.

Research & Development collaborates with specialist service providers and leading academic experts to ensure that they are as effective as it could be. Not just that, but they also work with policymakers and government to ensure that the existing mental health system is meeting young people’s needs in styles which work best for them.


Whenever you make any donation, you’ll be assisting a young person be able to make through something rough. It may be daily issues like relationships, exam stress, or simply lack of motivation to really hard stuff such as depression, anxiety, and self-harm. The generous support ensures can be available around the clock, each single day now or even in the future for the young people.

Other ways of Supporting

A Lifetime Gift

To leave a bequest as part your Will could transform the life of a young person and those generations that are following.

In loving memory

To leave a gift in memory is a unique way of marking and celebrating loved one’s life.

Workplace or Payroll Giving

Your entire workforce will adore you!

Partnering with is partnering with organizations that are not just sharing its core values, but also those who are committed to the support of the the wellbeing and mental health of young people, and who are also backing innovation.

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