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Redkite provide essential support to young people and children living with cancer, as well as to their families.

Redkite provide essential support to young people and children living with cancer, as well as to their families. This has been the focus in excess of 30 years. Redkite is there throughout the entire cancer journey, starting from the moment of the diagnosis till after treatment has been finished.

The Vision

To support each teenager, child and young adult having cancer, plus their family, who need Redkite.

The Purpose

To give essential support to the children, young adults and teenagers having cancer to make sure that the best possible quality of life for them as well as their family - currently and into the future too.

The Promise

You're not alone in your walk with cancer.

We shall listen, respect you and respond suitably to you and to your family through essential support from your time in hospital to the home.

Services Philosophy

Each young person's and child's experience of cancer is quite unique. To offer a young person or child the best ability of managing their journey with cancer positively, the entire family and every individual requires being supported to ably manage their own unique experiences with cancer. Through alleviating the emotional and financial stress and empowering young people and children families and their entire support networks in developing their skills and strengths, Redkite helps the entire family to attain that positive end.

The Redkite History

Redkite, then known as The Malcolm Sargent Cancer Fund for Children was founded in 1983 in Australia as a non-profit agency. Then it was set up in Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia. The organization was motivated by renowned pianist, conductor and organist, Sir Malcolm Sargent.

During the early formative years, The Malcolm Sargent Cancer Fund for Children in Australia mainly offered practical assistance and financial grants to those families having children that had cancer. Towards meeting the requirements of the kids and families, fresh services were subsequently introduced. These services included providing music therapists and social workers in hospitals, education and scholarships grants, family days, bereavement support, and numerous community support services like phone and email counselling.

In the year 2005, the various Malcolm Sargent Cancer Funds for Children in Australia located in New South Wales, Western Australia and Queensland merged. Later they were joined by the one Victoria in 2007 into a single organisation going under the new name Redkite.

Partners and Supporters

The countless loyal and devoted supporters and partners make it feasible for Redkite to get in touch with young people and children having cancer as well as their families.

Redkite is proud of having strong relationships with many generous organizations and companies, trusts, corporate foundations and lots of individuals who are sharing the dedication towards helping families throughout Australia

Redkite provides

  • Supportive services
  • Handy information for those young people having cancer
  • Information that is useful for the family and friends

Working through the journey of cancer will be a challenging feat, but obtaining support and information is among the best means of looking after yourself and in helping out the many other significant people in your own life.

Redkite fully appreciates that together with concerns regarding treatment, one might also be thinking quite a lot about the other members of the family, friends, work, or even about how to inform people. This is perfectly normal to get all manners of emotions during this time. One might even be questioning how they'll cope.

Redkite programs and support services have been designed to make this load a bit lighter and complement those strengths, skills and support that already you have.

Redkite's Role

Redkite is essentially a support organisation. Their expertise and knowledge have been built through 30 years of having worked with young people and children having cancer plus their families. Redkite are not medical experts or doctors, so the kind of information you'll get on these web pages is not ideally meant to be some sort of medical counsel.

Redkite knows that the more people you've got on your side, the much better. It's possible that you already may be having a fantastic collection of family, neighbours, friends or colleagues who will be supporting you. Consider Redkite as another welcome addition to that great network.

To talk with people who understand more regarding the cancer journey and you'll expect along (like the Redkite support team) could help in making you feel in better control, reduce your anxieties and assist you in feeling more confident about decision making.

Redkite has for about 30 years been there for children and young people in their thousands that are living with cancer and their own families, and they are available even now if you need them.

Fundraising and Getting Involved

Whether you're a caring organisation or that caring individual, there are lots of ways in which you could assist Redkite to support people having cancer plus their families.

From just volunteering, to attending some event or even motivating your own workplace towards getting involved; your generous contribution makes a vital and real difference.

Methods of Donating

To donate to Redkite is rewarding and easy. Your kind generosity make sure that a broad variety of essential supportive services become available for young people and children having cancer, plus their families, through their journey with cancer. Redkite gets no government funding and depends on people just like you.

Donate Now

Donations made to Redkite of $2 and over are tax deductible and you'll get a receipt through email.

Regular Giving

Join the Club Red, a club that supports young people and children having cancer through donating regularly on a monthly basis.

Donate in Lieu

Celebrate that special occasion like a wedding, birthday or anniversary by requesting your guests to contribute towards Redkite in lieu of that intended personal gift.

Donate in Memory

Remember somebody who is close to you through making a kind donation in memory of hem. Commemorate someone who is special, their life and legacy through donating to Redkite as a wonderful style of remembering that person's life.

Gift in your Will

Find out the way you could make a real lasting difference by leaving behind a lasting gift included in your Will to the Redkite cause.

Donating through Payroll

Workplace giving is among the easiest methods of donating to Redkite.

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