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Ronald McDonald House

The Ronald McDonald House Charities mission of is to find, create and support programs which directly enhance the wellbeing and health of children.

It's an occurrence we witness daily - children healing for the reason that they're solidly surrounded by their loving families. While Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) might not have the ability of erasing the hurt of a much-needed treatment or making the medicine taste any better, we could assist in lessening the burden for almost 9 million families every year. From 1974, RMHC network of local and home Chapters have continuously been making kids healthier and happier by keeping families as one - according them a place to refresh and rest. They are offering a place that feels just like the home. The programs which have been tailored towards meeting the pressing needs of every community now can be seen in over 62 regions and countries across the world.

The RMHC Mission and Values

The Ronald McDonald House Charities mission of is to find, create and support programs which directly enhance the wellbeing and health of children. Guiding this mission are several core values:

  • To focus on the critical requirements of children.
  • To celebrate the diversity of people and the many programs
  • To value our heritage.
  • To operate with transparency and accountability.

RMHC Vision

RMHC believes that when you transform the life of a child, you transform the family's, which in turn could transform the community and, eventually, the entire world. Being pioneers at offering family-centered care, Ronald McDonald House Charities endeavors to be a component of the solution in terms of improving the children's lives as well as their families, offering programs which strengthen families especially during hard times.

In 2014, Ronald McDonald House Charities launched the 3-year "RMHC Impact Strategy," having a goal of serving 1-million more kids as well as their families yearly. The new strategy is not just building on success achieved over the previous 40 years, but in addition is giving the foundation of becoming stronger and additionally efficient than ever before.

To achieve this, RMHC is focusing on 3 strategic priorities:

  • Expanding reach through both growing current and creating programs - which include Ronald McDonald Family Rooms and Ronald McDonald Houses.
  • Strengthening the global network intensive through staff education and development, and making sure the RMHC financial sustainability including its global Chapters
  • Mobilization of support towards increasing the appreciation of RMHC programs; in so doing allowing RMHC to give support additional children and families globally.

The Work of RMHC

Helping and holding a sick child struggle with their illness takes a huge enough emotional and psychological l toll on any family. Add the financial strain and it could almost be too much to carry or bear alone. Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) could assist in addressing those types of problems, whether these entail housing that's close to a hospitalized child, the cost of having to stay together in different city, or even just to get basic dental and medical and care in a community that is vulnerable.

By the close of 2014, RMHC had 300 local Chapters running in 62 regions and countries including:

  • 188 Ronald McDonald Family Rooms
  • 346 Ronald McDonald Houses
  • 50 Ronald McDonald Care Mobiles
  • Chapters spread across the globe generating country-specific initiatives
  • Education scholarships to students across the US
  • Grants being channeled to not-for profit entities focusing on children needs

From 1974, RMHC has assisted in addressing these needs daily having 305,000 staff members and volunteers and connections with strong medical communities across the globe, partnerships with many reputable companies and bighearted donors. This could not be achieved without your support.

Getting Involved

Every year, almost 9 million children and their families are being served by Ronald McDonald House Charities and even more require help. RMHC wants to give additional support to kids throughout their period of recovery, grant more families a more comfortable staying place during a hard time and provide medical services to even more kids who are currently without.

Nevertheless Ronald McDonald House Charities can't accomplish all this without you, so they are requesting that you become get involved. Many different ways are available for you to be able to join RMHC in their mission devoted to offering stability and essential resources to many children that are in need.

RMHC & the Medical Community

So as to improve the wellbeing and health of children across the globe, RMHC depends on strong joint ventures with the local medical community - partnerships that have been nurtured since 1974 and growing. As a result of this, RMHC is able address health care requirements for needy children and families via:

  • At any given time, one (or more) of RMHC 3 core programs that support families being catered for at 78% of the top world hospitals dealing with children matters.
  • Neighborhood clinic health service providers who are partnering with Ronald McDonald Care Mobiles especially in their respective area.
  • Grants made to other non-profit organizations which are also serving kids.

Generous medical professionals are contributing towards RMHC in a range of diverse ways:

  • Actively engaging as Board members of RMHC Global as well being members and directors of local boards.
  • Providing land (or spaces) for the Ronald McDonald Houses within the hospitals for hosting the Ronald McDonald Family Rooms.
  • Assisting with the operating costs as well as giving of in-kind services donations.
  • Volunteering their services and time on the Ronald McDonald Care Mobiles including other programs.


Volunteers make the difference in the lives of all the families that come through our doors - cooking, hosting, listening, nurturing, or by simply being there and helping out in any way they can.

Becoming a Corporate Partner

Whether it's by volunteering, giving monetary gifts, or in-kind donations RMHC corporate sponsors have become a vital element of assisting in delivering care and comfort to kids and their families. RMHC tailors partnerships to be aligned to the goals of every corporate donor whilst at the same time meeting its own mission of enhancing the wellbeing and health of children as well as their families. RMHC extend sincere gratitude for continued generous support given over the previous years.

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