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Ronald McDonald House South East QLD

The Ronald McDonald House South East Queensland is a charity organization that was formed to help those families with kids who are very sick.

Who we are

The Ronald McDonald House Charity organization was first formed in the year 1974 in the United States of America. Australia got its first branch of this charity organization in the year 1981 and since that time various branches have been set up in different parts of the country.

The Ronald McDonald House South East Queensland Inc was mainly formed to see to the provision of useful support services to the family members of kids who have been diagnosed as having some kind of chronic or acute health condition.

Our mission

It is the mission of the organization to see to it that each and every family member or carer of a child with an acute health condition be provided with certain supportive services that will help to ease the pressure that has been put on such an individual by the condition of his or her child.

Our vision

To see to it that support services for families of children with acute health conditions are rendered with love and compassion.

Our values

The organization values two main things and these are;

  • To have love for families or carers of children with chronic health conditions
  • To have compassion on those who have taken it upon themselves to cater for such kids

What are the programs used by the organization in rendering its services?

The organization uses a number of high quality programs to provide its support services for carers of kids with acute sicknesses and these include;

The family room program

The provision of rooms which are well furnished which serves as a place where family members can go and wait when they come to visit their sick child who is receiving treatment at the hospital.

The housing program

This is a program that seeks to get accommodation for family members of a particular sick child so that they do not become stranded. This program makes it possible for each and every individual who accompanies a child with a chronic sickness to the hospital to get a place where he or she can reside whilst the child receives treatment.

The family retreat program

This is a program that also provides family members and carers of children with chronic diseases some form of escape from the tedious work associated with catering for the needs of such a child.

The cord blood banks program

This is a program that involves the provision of funds to various facilities to help them obtain and store a lot of blood from the umbilical cord of humans as it is very essential in treating a number of diseases that affect the bones and the marrow within them.

The learning program

This is also another program that the organization provides to the kids who come there. It is a way through which children on admission at the hospital are provided with teachers who take them through various topics which they might have missed as a result of them being hospitalized. This helps the children to catch up with whatever their mates are doing in school.

The care mobile program

This is a program which has been introduced by the organization to help provide vital support services to those people who live in the interior parts of the country. For such people, it is always difficult for them to travel to the towns to obtain treatment and appropriate services. The care mobile program therefore see to it that such people are also provided with the same support services that are provided at the centres in the big towns.

The Charlie Bell Scholarship program

This is another program initiated by the organization to see to it that those brilliant and deserving children who had their educational life cut short through an illness are provided with supportive aids in the form of money in order to help them continue with their education or to pursue a new career.

These are the main programs through which the Ronald McDonald House South East Queensland Inc uses in rendering all of its supportive services to both the sick children and their family members or carers.

How to get involved with the Ronald McDonald House South East Queensland Inc?

Making of a bequest

This deals with leaving part of your property to the organization when you are preparing your final Will.

Undertaking of a fundraising event

This is to help raise funds for the organization by the individuals within the community.


This refers to the undertaking of various tasks for the organization without expecting any form of payment in return.

Making of a donation

This refers to the making of a donation to the organization which can be in cash or in material form.


This also refers to becoming a partner with the organization which ensures that each party benefits from the partnership formed.

There is still time for you to also get involved with the Ronald McDonald House South East Queensland Inc and help render services to those who need them.

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