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Rosies Place

Rosie’s place Inc has rendering supportive services to women who are either without shelter or are very poor since 1974.

Who we are

The Rosie’s Place Inc is a well known charity organisation that was established in the year 1974. It has since its inception been rendering supportive services to women who are either without shelter or are very poor. Such women have been found out to be very vulnerable as there are a variety of violent and abusive acts that are committed against them on a daily basis. This therefore orchestrated the formation of the Rosie’s Place Inc to help give such women a place to lay their head where they will be assured of their safety.

What is the mission of the Rosie’s Place Inc?

The mission of Rosie’s Place Inc is to provide women who are poor and without proper homes with an environment that will help nurture them to realise their true potentials in life.

What is the vision of Rosie’s Place Inc?

The vision of Rosie’s Place Inc is to build a community where disadvantaged women can also achieve their aims in order to make a positive impact in building the society.

What are the values of Rosie’s Place Inc?

  • An environment that supports poor and disadvantaged women
  • Equal opportunities for needy women in the communities where they live
  • Respecting the rights of each and every individual regardless of their social status

How can you be a part of the work being done by the Rosie’s Place Inc?

The Rosie’s Place Inc is a charity organisation that makes use of only the support that it gets from benevolent individuals who live in the communities and does not seek for any governmental support funds. It therefore has a number of ways made available so that the public can offer their support to the organisation. These ways include;


This includes the making of periodic or one-time donations to the organisation by members of the community.

Organise your own events

This involves the organising of a personally designed events and activities by interested community members with the view to helping raise funds that will be used by the Rosie’s Place Inc in rendering its supportive services to disadvantaged women in the society.

Make a donation in kind

This is for those who have things or materials that they wish to donate to the organisation.


This is a way that allows community members to dedicate their time and energy to performing various activities for the Rosie’s Place Inc without any fees being charged by such people.

Make an obligatory giving

Leave a bequest

In memoriam donations

All these ways can be used by interested community members to help support the Rosie’s Inc so that it can also support those disadvantaged women in the communities.

What are the services provided by the Rosie’s Place Inc?

The Rosie’s Place Inc renders a number of support services and they include the following;

  • The provision of educational services to disadvantaged women
  • The provision of awareness-creating programs
  • The provision of support services to women who are staying in distant places
  • The provision of free food for disadvantaged women throughout the whole year
  • The provision of shelter for women who have been rendered homeless
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