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Royal Brisbane Womens Hospital Foundation

RBWH Foundation is the charity arm of Royal Brisbane and Womens Hospital - Queenslands largest and busiest hospital.

Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital Foundation (RBWHF) was initially set up in 1985 being the charity division of RBWH, the largest hospital in Queensland. Although RBWH is a component of Queensland Health, government funding is limited and often there are no adequate funds available for paying for specific research, training and certain equipment that will make sure that the Royal stays at the forefront in terms of patient care and a leader in terms of new treatment methods and technology.

The role of the Foundation is to fill that identified funding gap. The purpose of the Foundation is making sure the hospital's researchers, doctors, nurses, as well as the allied health professionals continue being able to attain optimal outcomes for patients through offering them the technology, skills and knowledge which otherwise may not be accorded to them owing to budgetary limitations.

The money that is raised by the RBWH Foundation is consequently employed in funding research, buying vital equipment pieces and empowering key health professionals in attending additional conferences, seminars and training programs. Towards raising these needed funds, the RBWH Foundation depends heavily on the generous backing of the community in Queensland and beyond.

The Work

Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital Foundation was formed around the mid 80s being the RBWH charity arm. Funding from the government for public hospitals like RBWH is frequently constrained by budgetary limitations and the available funding is now coming under extra pressure because the demand for the services is increasing in the wake of a population that is rapidly ageing.

The key purpose of the Foundation therefore is raising money which will enable the nurses, researchers, doctors and the allied health personnel to attain optimal patient results through offering them with what is constrained by shortage of funds.

In the financial year 2011/2012 the RBWH Foundation attained a record income standing at $6.8m towards supporting its mission of fundraising to the support of RBWH so as to further research and offer optimal health services and care. 19.6 per cent of these funds got invested in medical and clinical research activities at RBWH.

In addition, the Foundation actively rewards and promotes excellence in terms of clinical practice and offers several awards during the whole year.


Each hour daily, patients are benefitting from the staff skills, research and specialized equipment that is found housed at RBWH. All these would not be achievable devoid of the RBWH Foundation as well as its donors and supporters. Each donation, whether small or large is a real investment in the wellbeing and health of the people of Queensland, both currently and into the future.

Lots of people make donations as their style of appreciating for the care and services received while under the care of the hospital. Others donate since they appreciate the meaning of medical research and the kind of hope it grants for the future of many. Some others give since they recognize the vital role being played by RBWH in the community.

There are several other methods of making a donation to the Foundation. You may opt to become a regular giver or make a one-off donation. Other available options of contributing and assisting include:

  • In person
  • Online
  • Through Mail
  • Direct Deposit
  • Via Phone
  • Supporting Upcoming Events

All donations made that are above $2.00 are tax deductible in Australia under the 1997 Income Tax Assessment Act and the Foundation will forward you a receipt immediately soon once the donation has been fully processed.

Workplace Giving

An effective and simple way is workplace giving for employees of organizations and businesses to donate towards the RBWH Foundation via payroll automated deductions. Many businesses and employers choose to match the donations made by their own employees. Verify with your current employer in case they got a matching gift program.


A bequest can be quite large or relatively small and could be either a percentage of an estate, a gift of cash, shares or property. Whatever its form, amount or size of the bequest, it makes a big difference to the wellbeing and health of somebody in the state of Queensland including people across the globe benefitting from the world class research being carried out at Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital.

Donations in Memory

Traditionally, flowers have always been the accepted mode through which majority of people usually pay their last respects to their departed ones. Today nevertheless, most people are now opting for tribute that would last more a more like a charitable contribution or donation. Requesting family members and your friends to make a donation in memory to the Foundation honoring of your beloved one is an extremely fitting style of paying homage to their departed memory whilst helping the Hospital Fund keeps on giving needed services.

Other ways of assisting include:

  • Fundraising
  • Volunteering
  • Buying Merchandise
  • Signing up for the Newsletter
  • Taking up Special Offers
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