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Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children

Detailed information on how the institute provides educational programs for kids with sensory disabilities. North Rocks, New South Wales, Australia.

Thomas Pattison was a deaf migrant who came from Scotland to the country of Australia and set up in the year 1860 the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children. Through the aid of a number of well-known figures, the school got officially declared in October 1861 to be a public institution.

Within 1 year it had shifted its address to 368 Castlereagh Street and then in 1868 it shifted to Ormonde House, South Head Road. It then shifted to a larger specifically constructed premise in 1872, at Newtown where it has been housed for the next coming 70 years. These new premises, which are form an element of Sydney University, are branded as being the ‘Institute Building’ despite being bought in 1961 by Sydney University.

The RIDBC in 1961 shifted to North Rocks, the place where the main University campus still remains situated, as well as getting twelve extra permanent sites. The name of the RIDBC has from the formation year in 1861been altered a number of occasions. These continuing modifications reflect both the emerging education philosophy for kids who are having disabilities and the connections in place between Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children with the larger Australian community.

Early Learning Program Vision Impairment (VI) Services

The Early Learning Program or Vision Impairment services are offering a dedicated early childhood educational plus therapy program that targets the parents of those kids that are blind or having considerable levels of vision impairment, including kids with any additional disabilities.

Program features include:

  • Planning and evaluation
  • Sessions for group plus individuals
  • Low vision-aids
  • Braille tuition
  • Alternative or substitute format resources
  • Workshops
  • seminars for the affected families
  • Speech Pathologist services, Orthoptist plus Access Technology based Consultant services
  • Support for the community preschool programs

VisionEd Preschool

This program is offering a focused program for those kids who are blind or got considerable vision impairment.

Features include:

  • Braille tuition
  • Low vision aids
  • Specialist staff
  • Focusing on the development of age appropriate kid independence
  • Alternative or substitute format resources
  • Services for Orthoptist
  • Access Technology Consultant Services

Vision Impairment (VI)

This program aids independent metropolitan schools in offering accessibility to the school based curriculum for those who are blind or who have significant vision impairment.

Features include:

  • Braille tuition
  • Planning and evaluation
  • Access technology for tuition
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Low vision aids
  • Orthoptist
  • Access Technology Services
  • Alternative formats of the school publications

Alternative Format Publications

The Alternative Format Publications is meant to assist those who got print disabilities in terms of accessing their preferred selection of alternative format.

Features include among others:

  • Storage and production digitally of alternative formats
  • A wide variety of materials
  • Kid’s school textbooks

Sydney Cochlear Implant Centre

The Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children in July 2014 together with the Sydney Cochlear Implant Centre came together to offer Australia’s the largest and most comprehensive cochlear implant program.

This new & now expanded program is providing:

  1. Comprehensive programs tailored to meeting the precise needs of any individual during any the stage of their life
  2. Easier accessibility in additional locations
  3. An wider services suite of services, from early intervention and education to specialist support, evaluation and rehab services
  4. Enhanced technology that facilitates innovative rehab options and provision of services remotely
  5. The combined advantages gained from the knowledge of lots leading professionals specializing in cochlear rehab services and implantation

This has become a very flexible and highly innovative therapy service designed for meeting the requirements of all young persons and kids having both vision and hearing impairment plus tp their own families. This new RIDBC Plus service offers normal physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychology, speech pathology, as well as orthoptic intervention.

Therapists that are working in the Plus service are offering specialized interventions that are family centred. The staffs are working closely with you and your own family towards responding to your queries and giving you a therapy service tailored to meet your particular goals. The Plus services may be delivered via any of their centres; at your own home, or at the preschool/school; or even via the newest in terms of videoconferencing technologies.

Therapy that is being offered is meant to assist you in terms of all facets of the development and growth of your child including challenges that could relate to any further disabilities. The sessions get scheduled in agreement to the requirements of the needy person and the family. The RIDBC Plus Program is running from a number of sites throughout NSW on although on the basis of fee-for-services provided.

Getting Involved with RIDBC initiatives and Programs

Your kind and generous donations are enabling the RIDBC to go on working with lots of families throughout Australia in offering a broad variety of highly specialist services as well as education, ensuring kids having hearing or vision are getting the best chances and openings in life.

  • Volunteering
  • Giving
  • Corporate or Workplace Giving
  • Leaving behind a bequest
  • Sponsoring some of the events
  • Fundraising
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