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RSL Art Union

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RSL Art Union
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About RSL Art Union

RSL Art Union aims to support Defense force personnel and their families in Australia. The thought of mateship was the main reason behind initiation of this organization. During the initial period of 1930, it became an intricate situation for diggers to make a comeback into the conventional society. The reason for this was, of course, bitter memories in the mindset that made them to suffer more than physical injuries.

How the Concept of RSL Initiated

Troubles faced by many in the war were denoted in the book 'The Golden Years - A Story of Comradeship' by George Newland. Here is a quote given - Fighting Men of Australia" had through no fault of their own, been reduced to straits of poverty and despair. In the years since the armistice of 1918, many had prematurely grown old or unfit, through war wounds and illness; many had no job and little hope of getting one."

This line indicates - heroes of the country were living in poverty and depression without being responsible for anything. Since the peace agreement held in 1918, most of them either became unfit or aged owing to sickness and war injuries. Even many of them became jobless and even saw no hope in finding one.

Funding Support for Defense Service Personnel

This was the phase when RSL thought of assisting heroes of the nation by providing them the much-needed support. A small number of war homes were available for the veterans financed by few affluent personalities and sub-branches raising funds. Still the requirement for a secured funding resource for servicing veterans was just the need whilst unemployment was at the peak with scarcity of capital.

Home Lottery Prize idea

The Idea of prize home lottery simply worked from its initial stages. The concept proved to be effectual and famous among Australians and had been accepted widely. In the year 1956, Queensland instigated the Art Union fundraising activities with profits to be used for different services such as providing accomodation to former servicemen as well as women including their families and dependants.

In the initial phase of 1950, the situation in Australia worsened yet again with World War II constraints ceased in the recent times whereas grumblings were heard continually in Vietnam. Necessity of ultimate caring and offering services was always pervasive. Additionally the fundraising operations had been pioneered in Queensland inclusive of the contest 'RSL Girl in a Million'.

What RSL Do

Presently, RSL Art Union is a well-recognized name in Australia as they have changed lives of many lucky winners. However, they continued with the most important mission of getting into fundraising operations for veterans of the country including former and present servicemen & women along with their dependants and families.

RSL Art Union has held out helping hands to support every individual irrespective of him/her is a member or not. Story of every individual differs from the other. Some of them are youngsters returning after their active participation in other nations and need someone to connect them to their families and also reintegrate in today's fast moving society. Contrarily few others suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and therefore need rehabilitation both emotionally and physically. Worst scenario is veterans involved in past warfare suffer from illness and also they have to go through complex procedure for welfare and pension programs. The initiative of the organization helps them to enjoy financial security.

RSL has made it possible by enriching lives of their nation's heroes by offering services like free pensions, welfare services, rehabilitations, emergency accomodation at affordable pricing, advocacy and other financial services. They initiated recently 'world-first research project' worth $1.75 million in PTSD that enables the organization to understand and hold up thousands of military personnel returning from wars in critical conditions mentally and physically.

The organization has also come up with a new project i.e. 'Mates4Mates' in order to offer support to the injured former ADF personnel along with their families. It offers health care & welfare services involving physical rehabilitation, employment support, counselling and mentorship. RSL Art Union hopes to continue this mateship in the upcoming years and near future.

RSL Art Union has also come up with a unique way to allow anyone support these heroes and their families. When they buy tickets, they are actually supporting current and ex-personnel. The best thing is that when you are buying tickets, you are able to participate in the largest and most expensive house lottery in Australia. The winners can enjoy prizes that include luxury houses in some of the best locations of Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. One can also become a VIP member of RSL Art Union and the membership fee will also be used for the same cause of supporting the heroes and their families. Thus, you have every reason to buy a ticket for supporting the cause and participate in the lucky draw for winning a prize that is worth of more than $3 million.

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