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The RSPCA New South Wales raffle is a raffle that is organized by Insight Charity Fundraising Services for RSPCA NSW to raise the much needed funds.

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The RSPCA New South Wales raffle is a raffle that is organized by Insight Charity Fundraising Services for RSPCA NSW to raise the much needed fund for it to achieve its funding needs in order to support all the noble activities it performs for animals found within the New South Wales community.

What does the RSPCA NSW Raffle hope to achieve?

The RSPCA NSW hopes to in the near future achieve the following goals;

  • A society that cares for its animals as it cares for its humans
  • A society that frowns upon all forms of abuses on animals
  • A society that is very friendly and conducive for all animals
  • A society that regards animals as an important part of our environment and therefore does everything to see to it that they are very comfortable wherever they may be

Achievements of the RSPCA NSW

The RSPCA NSW has achieved something that no other animal charity organization can ever boast of and that is;

It has seen to it that every year, not less than 40,000 animals needing all types of help, ranging from shelter through to medical and emotional care are well catered for. This is something that RSPCA has been doing since the day they first introduced such a commendable charity organization.

To constantly render animal care services to this number of animals signifies how dedicated we are at RSPCA NSW towards ensuring that we help create a world that is safe for both humans and animals to live peacefully among themselves.


The RSPCA NSW receives a total of only 2% as funding from the government. The remaining 98% of their operating funds comes from the support offered by numerous organizations and individuals through fundraising. The RSPCA NSW has putting in place some risk-free way's through which funds can be raised by both individuals and organizations to support the help that they have for a very long time now been providing for animals and these are done;


The online fundraising takes so many forms which include:

  • Setting up of a birthday page for your pet
  • Setting up an in memory page to remember the passing of a family member, friend, pet or a worker at the office
  • Setting up an in celebration page where you get to make donations to the RSPCA NSW during those times when you may be celebrating some very special period in your life
  • Setting up your own event page where you get to raise funds for RSPCA NSW from family members, friends and staff members or colleagues


This is also another major way of raising funds for our animal care provision services. This is where Insight Charity Fundraising Services organizes raffles throughout the whole year to help raise funds for the RSPCA NSW. The proceeds that accrue from the sale of raffle tickets to people are used to help render animal support services to all animals that are in need of such support services.

This is done by selling raffle tickets from $20 and above. Buying a raffle ticket gives you the opportunity to win any of the special prizes on offer by RSPCA NSW and at the same time ensures that you indirectly cater for an animal that might be in dire need of help.


These are activities that are undertaken by RSPCA NSW to help raise funds for its charity activities and they include the following;

  • The Million Paws Walk and
  • The RSPCA Cupcake Day


Local events organized by the RSPCA NSW to raise funds include;

  • Fundraising stalls
  • Pet expositions
  • Dog days


This is another way through which funds are raised by RSPCA NSW in order to meet the financial requirements of their animal care provision services. The RSPCA NSW Paw Boxes are given to business organizations which they place at their reception areas to collect tokens from all whose hearts may be touched to help an animal.

These are the various fundraising systems that are in place to help raise money for their activities geared towards helping all animals in need.

What happens to the money that accrues from all the above stated fundraising systems?

The money realized through every fundraising activity helps in rendering the following services;

  • Provision of treatment and care for both animals that have either been injured and are sick respectively
  • Running our animal shelter services where animals are provided with very safe and secure homes
  • Helping our Inspectors to carry out all their inspectorial duties of animals under our care and protection to help see to it that these animals are being cared for properly
  • Provision of educational programmes for the communities so as to create awareness about animal care and protection
  • Seeing to it that there are massive improvements in all legislations relating to the welfare of animals
  • Undertaking of rescue missions to save animals that are in very helpless conditions
  • Protection of animals from abuse from people and even other animals as well

These are but just a few of the numerous services that revenues collected through the various fundraising systems are used in providing.

The RSPCA NSW also runs a club known as the Ongoing Pet Supporter Club where members make direct monthly deposits to the RSPCA NSW towards the provision of better animal care services. With a minimum monthly deduction of $10, members do not only get to support our animal care services, they also get the chance to win either the ultimate RSPCA NSW first prize and other mouth-watering prizes as they are automatically entered into all the 6 raffles that are organized every year. So whilst you are helping an animal in need, we at RSPCA NSW Raffle also make sure that we have got your back by providing you the chance to win something in return. It is therefore always a win-win situation when you decide to become a full time member of the RSPCA NSW Ongoing Pet Supporters Club.

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