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Sammy D Foundation

It is the mission of the Sammy D Foundation to see to it that young boys & girls are given all the support they need in order to make positive life choices.

Who we are

This is a Foundation that was established in the year 2008 by Nat Cook and Neil Davis when their 17-year old son Sam Davis, fell victim to an attack that happened when he and friends went out on a Sunday night. This attack on Sam Davis led to his demise at that tender age and his parents came to the conclusion that young boys and girls needed to be protected against such unwanted and very painful experiences. This led to the formation of the Sammy D Foundation which was named after young Sam Davies.

Our vision

It is the vision of the Sammy D Foundation to see to it that;

  • Community members in the southern part of Australia help in empowering the young boys and girls with the requisite expertise that will help them make decisions which will have positive impacts on their lives.
  • Create a way of living in the various communities which helps the young boys and girls to gain various life skills from those older people in the community who have lived exemplary lives.

Our mission

It is the mission of the Sammy D Foundation to see to it that young boys and girls are given all the support that they need in order to make positive life choices which will help them realize their full capabilities in life.

Our values

The Sammy D Foundation cherishes the creation of a society which is very safe and secure and sees to it that children get to develop holistically in a very positive way.

What the Sammy D Foundation hopes to achieve

The Foundation hopes to build a community that frowns on any crime that is committed against a young person and seeks to rectify such occurrences in order to give young people the chance and freedom to develop their potentials to the highest level.

What are the programs of the Sammy D Foundation?

The Sammy D Foundation has putting in place a number of quality programs which are all aimed at helping young people make healthy life choices in a society where they do not need to be afraid of anything. Some of these programs include;

The Impact Program

This is a program which seeks to provide young people in the community with educative awareness creation programs that helps them to make well informed decisions when faced with a situation that is about to get violent.

The Connect Program

This is a program which provides those disadvantaged children in the community who have lost even their self belief, the chance to get into contact with very inspirational people who were able to make it in life even from situations and backgrounds worse than what the children may be experiencing. It is mainly to provide some form of confidence for the children in order to boost their belief in themselves so that they can reach their maximum capabilities in life.

The Party Wise Program

This is a program which the Sammy D Foundation in collaboration with the Southern Australian Police and the Southern Australian Ambulance service have initiated in order to educate the young boys and girls in the communities about the various things which can help them to reduce the occurrence of any violent attacks during those times when they do go out to have fun with friends. This program is mainly executed during times when there are gatherings in the schools, communities and even at certain campaigns which are organised to create awareness for the general public.

These programs are therefore initiated by the Sammy D Foundation so as to help prevent future occurrences of what happened to young Sam Davis in 2008.

How you can also get involved with what the Sammy D Foundation has been doing

The Foundation has some ways through which the public also contribute their quota to the efficient provision of all the services that it offers to the community and they include;

Making of donations

This involves the provision of an avenue through which the public can also contribute various sums of money to help the Foundation expand the services that it has been providing for the young people in the communities.

Through the making of community collections

This is referred to as “The Community Change Program” which is a way that allows community members to give whatever they have to help cause a positive change in the life of young people.

Becoming a volunteer

This is about dedicating one’s time and strength towards helping the Foundation to render its services to the young people without seeking for any financial or material gain.

Becoming a member

This allows community members to actively get involved with everything that happens in the Foundation by agreeing to become a member and paying dues at the end of every month.

Shopping online

This also is about purchasing from the online store of the Foundation which helps it to raise additional funds to support the services that it provides for young people. Be part of the Foundation which seeks to make the communities a better and safer place for the youth to develop in a more productive way.

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