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SIDS and Kids

The SIDS and Kids is a Foundation that has been formed to cater for each and every child within Australia.

The SIDS and Kids is a Foundation that has been formed to cater for each and every child within Australia in order to ensure that they are well protected from the various things which lead to their untimely deaths. Researches that have been carried out indicates that over 3,400 Australian children die every year as a result of various reasons which could have been safely and adequately averted. This is something that the Foundation has tasked itself to ensure that such occurrences are eliminated from the entire Australia.

This is a Foundation that has its headquarters in Melbourne with offices located in every state within Australia. This goes on to show that the Foundation is one that does not limit its services to just a part of the country but ensures that each and every Australian child has the chance to all services that it renders. Above all, the Sids and Kids Foundation is also a non-profit-making organisation which means that it does not seek to make any financial gains from the services that it renders to the people of Australia.

The vision of SIDS and Kids

It is the vision of the Foundation to provide healthcare services that are much enhanced and basis all of its treatments and services on substantial evidence.

Services provided by the SIDS and Kids Foundation

The Foundation provides some services that are very essential to the very survival of kids and these services are;

  • Safe sleeping educational materials which educate parents and carers on how to properly cater for the sleeping needs of a child in order to make sure that their lives are secured from any untimely deaths that are very preventable.
  • The provision of bereavement support services to families that have lost a child. This service is provided to each and every family that has lost a child through any reason which could have been averted. There are number of services under this service and some of them include the provision of counselling for the bereaved family, provision of support for each and every member of the family and the provision of funds for the memorial service of the child that passed away.
  • Researchers are also carried out into the causes of such untimely deaths and the best ways to medically and professionally deal with such incidences so that they do not happen again.

How you can support the SIDS and Kids Foundation

By making a donation

This deals with the avenue created for each and every individual within Australia which allows them to contribute their might to the Foundation through making of donations that are on the basis of a one-time donation, monthly or even yearly.


Each and every person living in Australia is also given the chance to dedicate part of his or her time to the Foundation to help it carry out various activities and services that are aimed at saving and protecting the lives of each and every child in Australia. To volunteer means that you willing to work for the Foundation out of your free will and therefore do not hope for any kind of payment but rather hopes to see that the Foundation has been able to help save some children in Australia through your efforts.

Through payroll giving

This is for those community members who are willing to be deducted certain amounts of money from their salaries on the basis that such deductions are made whenever they are paid their wages or salaries.

Leaving a bequest

This is for people who wish to be of service to the Foundation and the children that it saves and protects in Australia by bequeathing part or their whole properties to the Foundation when they pass away. This means that the Foundation has a share in the property of such an individual whenever his or her Will becomes active due to the death of that person.

Corporate partnership

This is for those business or corporate entities within Australia who would like to help the Foundation in saving more kids from untimely deaths. Such corporate bodies enter into partnership deals with the Foundation and the Foundation on its part helps to market the brand name of the corporate entity and its services.

There are other ways like the online shopping partner, dare to care and the Christmas cards and hampers which are all made available for the entire Australian population to get actively involved with the activities of the SIDS and Kids Foundation.

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