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Sids and Kids QLD

SIDS and Kids is dedicated to saving the lives of babies and children during pregnancy, birth, infancy and childhood and supporting bereaved families.

About us

The Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) came into existence in Queensland in the year 1990. It was formed to help families and carers of children to be properly consoled whenever any family loses a child through various untimely deaths. It was realised that a lot of families went through various untold periods of grief when they lost a child through some causes which are unknown to them. It was also realised that a number of children in Queensland were also lost each and every year to certain circumstances which could either have been prevented. This led to the formation of the Sudden Infant Deaths Syndrome (SIDS) and Kids Queensland Inc in the year 1990.

How SIDS and Kids Queensland Inc supports families

The organization has three main ways through which it provides support services to each and every Queenslander family that loses a child and these are;

The Family Bereavement Support

The organization supports bereaved families by providing two main services and these services are;

  1. Professional counselling for the bereaved family which deals with the provision of counselling sessions for each and every member of a particular family when a child has recently died as a result of the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
  2. Provision of funds for the organising of the funeral ceremony of the child that has passed away which is done through the Funeral Assistance Fund.

These are the two (2) main ways through which the organization helps in supporting each and every family that finds itself in the position of having lost an infant to an untimely death.

The safe sleeping support

This is a support service that is rendered by the organization to help families prevent the number of untimely deaths of little children through various causes which are very preventable. With the safe sleeping program, parents are educated on the best and appropriate ways to better care for their children in order to avert the occurrences of such untimely deaths. The organization holds a number of educational programs under the safe sleeping program and each and every Queenslander is taught the appropriate way that an infant should be put to bed in order to ensure that the child does not die prematurely through a cause which could have been easily prevented. These pieces of information that are given to families are the findings that were made after the undertaking of various researches into the causes of such sudden and untimely infant deaths.

The funding of research program

This is a program that deals with the provision of adequate funds to help various research facilities to have what they require in order to undertake researches to find the causes and possible solutions to the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

How to actively get involved with the SIDS and Kids Queensland Inc


This deals with the giving of gifts in both kind and in cash to the organization to help it support the families that are in Queensland. There are some ways through which an individual or organization can decide to make a donation to the SIDS and Kids Queensland Inc and they are;

  • Making of a one-time donation which allows the individual to donate once and
  • Making of a regular donation which allows the individual or organization to continue making donations on a regular basis like weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly
  • Making of a salary deduction which allows the organization to deduct some amount money from the salary of that particular individual
  • Making of a donation online which allows all credit card holders who are willing to help the organization to do so by going through a short process on the website of the SIDS and Kids Queensland Inc
  • Making of an in-memory donation which allows the public to mention the name of a particular child that has passed away and donating something to the memory of the child
  • Leaving a bequest which allows an individual to knowingly give the organization a share of his or her properties when he or she dies which has the backing of the laws of the land


You can also volunteer and undertake various helpful activities for the organization to help raise funds and also to support families that are bereaved.

Organising of fundraising activities

You can organise your individual fundraising event to help raise support for the organization but it has to be done with the knowledge of the organization.

Taking part in the fundraising events of the organization

This involves the buying of event tickets which gives you the chance to take part in an event which is being organised by the organization.

Purchasing of merchandise from the shop of the organization

You can also make various purchases from the shop of the SIDS and Kids Queensland Inc.

Other ways include;

Forming of partnership

Taking part in the various campaigns that are organised by the organization

Contribute your part and ensure that the sudden and untimely deaths of a lot of children are properly prevented.

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