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Sids and Kids SA

SIDS and Kids is dedicated to saving the lives of babies and children during pregnancy, birth, infancy and childhood and supporting bereaved families.

Who we are

The Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is an association that was established in October 1977 by some parents who after the sudden deaths of their kids thought it wise to form such an association in order to better assist other families that will encounter such a situation.

The association has now grown into a very big one which sees to it that a lot of families that lose their child to any of the sudden deaths are provided with the proper support services to help them get through such trying times.

The aim of SIDS and Kids South Australia

It is the aim of the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome to see to it that adequate funds and resources are raised in order to help with educating the entire people of south Australia about the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and to also help with the undertaking of researches that are aimed at finding lasting solutions to the causes of such deaths in children.

Main programs of the SIDS and Kids South Australia association

The association has three (3) main services that it renders to each and every person in South Australia and these services are;

1. Safe sleeping for babies

This is the service that is rendered to those who help take care of children at that very tender age. It is the objective of the association to see to it that both parents and carers of children are provided with the much needed information with regards to how they should put their babies to sleep in order to reduce the risk of such children dying prematurely. This service when rendered to perfection will help prevent a number of infant deaths which occur in most homes each and every day.

2. Provision of support to bereaved families

This takes place under three distinct categories namely;


This deals with the provision of useful pieces of information to those who have lost a child through the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Crisis intervention

This deals with the useful services that are provided to each and every member of a family that has lost an infant to sudden unknown causes. The work that is mainly done here involves helping the family to come to terms with what has happened by providing them with the possible cause of the child’s death.

Peer support

This deals with the provision of support services by health workers who are professionally trained and also by volunteers who have gone through such a harrowing experience themselves.

These are the services that are provided by the association to families under the provision of bereavement support.

3. The funding of researches into finding appropriate treatment to the incidence of SIDS in South Australia

This deal with the various financial and material assistance that the association offers to the institutions that are concerned with finding solutions to the causes of the untimely deaths of infants at birth, during pregnancy and even some days after they are given birth to.

Getting involved with SIDS and Kids South Australia

There are some main ways through which individuals and institutions can also help the association with all the services that it provides for people in South Australia and some of these ways include;

Becoming a volunteer

An individual or a group of people can decide to volunteer their skills, knowledge and energy to help the association provide its services to those who have been affected by such happenings like the sudden death of an infant in the family. There are also a wide variety of activities which can be performed by these people which all ensure that very essential and vital services are provided for the people within South Australia.

Fundraising for the association

This can be done individually or in a group. This deals with seeking for permission from the association to undertake certain activities that are aimed at helping to raise resources both financial and material to help with the smooth administration and running of the association. The activities that can be used to raise funds for the association are unlimited and the individual is allowed to pick from these activities.

Participating in the fundraising activities of the association

Each and every year, the association organises a number of events to help raise funds for the provision of its valuable services to people in South Australia. The general public is therefore given the chance to buy tickets to any of these events and also actively participate in all the activities that would be done there in order to generate funds for the association.

Supporting a fundraising activity

Individuals or group of individuals can also decide to sponsor some of the fundraising activities that are undertaken by the association. Doing this helps the association to save its little resources which it would have used in organising such an event.

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