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SIDS and Kids WA

SIDS and Kids is dedicated to saving the lives of babies and children during pregnancy, birth, infancy and childhood and supporting bereaved families.

Who we are

The SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and Kids Western Australia is a charity organisation that provides vital support services to the families of children who are lost to unknown causes. Based on factual researches that have been carried out, the number of children who die on a daily basis as a result of the sudden infant death syndrome in Australia alone is something that should sound the warning bells. Aside this number, such issues always presents family members of the departed child with such a traumatic experience which can lead to all sorts of things including mental breakdown. This is the main reason why the SIDS and Kids Western Australia has been formed to help provide supportive services to the family members so that they can safely go through such a trying period.

What is the vision of SIDS and Kids Western Australia?

The vision of the Foundation is to make sure that no child is lost to the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome ever again in the future and those families who have lost a child currently are provided with supportive services to help them go through such a moment.

What is the mission of SIDS and Kids Western Australia?

The mission of the Foundation is to ensure that the lives of countless babies are saved and those families who lose a child a supported in order for them to be strong in such periods.

What are the services rendered by the SIDS and Kids Western Australia?

The Foundation renders some very essential supportive services to children and their families and some of these services are;

  • The provision of essential funding for institutions that are undertaking researches into the causes and finding permanent solutions to the various issues of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
  • The provision of counselling services and supportive group activities which are aimed at helping those families that might have lost a child to have people who will console and comfort them during those trying times
  • The provision of a Kidz Club that helps to assist younger children who have suffered the death of a family member
  • The provision of a Healthy Pregnancy program that seeks to assist pregnant women with all the necessary supportive services in order to ensure that their unborn babies are safe and well secured in the womb and even during delivery
  • The provision of a safe sleeping program that aims to educate people especially young mothers and carers on how to put their babies to sleep in order to prevent the incidence of any sudden death
  • The provision of bereavement support in the form of financial assistance to families that might have lost a child through the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

These are some of the services that the Foundation provides to members of the community.

How to get involved with the SIDS and Kids Western Australia

  • Make a donation to the Foundation
  • Organise a fundraising event for the Foundation
  • Become a volunteer for the Foundation

The SIDS and Kids Western Australia need your support in order to save the lives of more children and to find lasting solutions to the numerous cases of infant deaths in the community.

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